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E-mail Lists
East-West Church and Ministry Report Newsletter on Christian service in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Available in print or electronic editions.

Web Sites
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee The AJDC is the overseas arm of the American Jewish community. Projects across the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Association of World Council of Churches Working in Central Asia to promote the role of NGOs and church groups, stimulate human rights organizations and prevent ethnic conflict.

Beyond the Pale: The History of Jews in Russia An on-line version of an exhibit that toured Russia. An illustrated in-depth history of Jews in Russia covering pogroms, the holocaust and anti-Semitism in Russia, with over 400 historical documents including photographs, maps, newspaper articles, and anti-semetic charicatures used by local press and local and national government.

Donetsk Christian University A Christian University in Ukraine.  This web-site offers program information in Russian, Ukrainian, German, and English.

FSU Monitor A project of the Union of Councils for Soviet Jews, fsu monitor.com is a web-site dedicated to exposing acts of anti-semitism and violations of human rights in Russia and the former Soviet Union.

Keston Institute Keston Institute is a research and information center dealing with religion in communist and post-communist countries. Keston's Web site includes select articles from its e-mail bulletin, Keston News Service, which reports on religious liberty issues in Russia and Eurasia. There is also information about other, more scholarly journals published by Keston.

News about Religion in Russia A collection of articles, interviews and statements about religion in Russia from a wide variety of sources maintained by Dr. Paul Steeves of Stetson University.

Russia Intercessory Prayer Network News Current articles relating to religious issues and to Russian society. The site also includes archives of past articles and links to other Russian news sources.

Russian Orthodox Church The official Web site of the Moscow Patriarchate contains official statements by Church officials, a history of the Orthodox Church in Russia, and an overview of the role of the Church today.

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