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Central Asia
Eastern Europe


Eurasia Research Center, designed to include news and research on the areas of the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia, includes articles, papers, and commentaries on the politics, culture, history, and social, economic and human rights conditions of the region.

Friends Companion of the innovative Friends and Partners Internet site, this listserv includes many announcements which appear on other lists, but it also includes messages from individuals from all over the NIS who introduce themselves or ask questions about where to find different types of information.

Foreign Embassies in Washington, DC A Web site which lists all the Washington, DC Embassies including links to their Web sites when available.

Institute for the Study of Conflict, Ideology & Policy at Boston University studies the political transformation and international policies of the post-Soviet states. The site has links to many publications, including the journal "Perspectives."

Institute for War and Peace Reporting offers reports available free to subscribers via e-mail with easy subscribe/unsubscribe access on the website or via an e-mail message. Reports translated into Albanian, Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian, Russian and French.

INSUDOK is the information and documentation center on the former Soviet Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), covering new political parties, social movements, human rights, organized crime, regional conflicts, politics, economy and culture in all membership-states of the CIS.

Post-Soviet Armies Newsletter is a weekly updated newsletter on the Internet dedicated to the study of the creation and the development of Post-Soviet Armies.

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty Newsline Web site includes news and analyses on all topics of interest in the NIS from politics and media to local news across the former Soviet Union. Short daily news reports sent via e-mail covering former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe.

RusTex-L A technical discussion group that focuses on how to print and display Cyrillic on computers and to send Cyrillic text across the Internet.

Search Engine Colossus permits you to visit search engines by country. In general, when you select the country of interest, you will then find lists of country-specific search engines in the language of the country, and in English. Includes Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Vietnam, and Yugoslavia.

Slavophilia is an incredible resource of information on the Slavic world. Includes thousands of links on a wide variety of topics.

Travel Information in the former Soviet Union Travel information, consular information and travel information for individual countries around the world. 


Armenian Assembly of America Promotes public awareness of Armenian issues, encourages greater Armenian-American participation in the American democratic process, and assists in humanitarian programs in Armenia.

Arminco Global Telecommunications Has an impressive array of information on its site including great list of Armenian Web sites, news, and Armenian e-mail directory.

Asbarez Armenian Daily Newspaper English language daily covering news in Armenia and Armenian-related news around the world. Top stories, archives of old issues, classified ads and Armenian links sections available on site.

Groong The unofficial on-line network of the Armenian-American community. It includes announcements of events, conferences, and projects of various Armenian-American organizations both in the U.S. and in Armenia.


Azerbaijani News and Information Listserv A news and information list, not a discussion list on Azerbaijani topics.

Azerbaijan International Web site for an independent quarterly magazine produced in Los Angeles that deals with issues relating to Azerbaijanis around the world. Site includes more than 800 articles, 1300 photos and 70 samples of music.

Azerbaijan Society of America The Society works to deepen the public's knowledge about Azerbaijan's history and people and to promote economic and cultural ties between the U.S. and Azerbaijan. It's Web site has a good collection of links to news about Azerbaijan and organizations and people with an interest in the region. It also has a repository of Azeri fonts for personal computers.

Directory of Azerbaijan NGOs A searchable online directory with a considerable amount of information in it. 

MiniMax This firm has been in business since the early nineties and has published a great deal of information on Azerbaijani law and presidential decrees of relevance to the business community. The site (in Russian) offers a link to the Turan news agency, an online news provider (in Azerbaijani, Russian, and English).

Virtual Azerbaijan An extensive list of links to Azerbaijan-related Internet resources, including: current events, history, Web sites in Azerbaijan, Western organizations and businesses with a presence in the country, sports, and more. 


Artium Uniti A Lithuanian electronic journal, published jointly by Vilnius University and Vytautas Magnus University. Journal articles are in either English or Lithuanian and cover a wide range of topics.

Ballad is an Internet-based community, offering everyone in the Baltic Sea region (including Belarus and Ukraine) a place to share experiences, talk to each other, publish ideas, take initiatives, find partners and read today's news.

BALLERINA-L Baltic Region 'green' announcement forum and mailing list.

Baltic News Service World Wide Web site that contains contact information, archives of BNS daily reports in Estonian, and archives of other BNS Estonian-language reports, including its daily financial wire service.

BALT-L Designed to foster practical projects for people with skills or interests relevant to the Baltics, or who just wants to know what is going on.

BNS Baltic News Service An online, English-language wire service that covers the Baltic countries focusing on international and domestic government, political, and economic news. BNS consists of one e-mail message per day.

Joint Baltic-American National Committee supporting restoration of independence, human rights and democracy to the Baltic Countries by uniting the efforts of the Estonian American National Council, Inc. the American Latvian Association, Inc. and the Lithuanian American Council, Inc.


Belarus Discussion List A very active list with important news, announcements and discussion averaging up to 20 messages a day.

Belarus Environmental Web page A Web site from Eco-line Belarus, provides a wealth of information on the Belarus environmental movement, including organizational profiles, news and announcements.

Belarus in Europe Introductory site to Belarus, includes information on geography and population, a small tour of the nation's sites and links to other sites of interest.

Belarus Miscellany A regularly updated site with lots of information about Belarus and links to many other Belarus-related resources.

Belarus Update A bi-weekly bulletin published by the International League of Human Rights (ILHR) as part of its Belarus Human Rights Support Project.

Belarusian.com Belarusian.com is maintained by Sergei Polevikov, a Ph.D. student in economics at Rice University, whose mother is President of "Nadzeya," a prominent women's political party in Belarus. Polevikov has collected quite a bit of interesting information about the political opposition to Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

Belarusian Association of Journalists The Belarusian Association of Journalists was founded in 1995 and by 1998 had 450 members representing around 100 state and private media organizations. The BAJ Web site has weekly news bulletins about Belarusian events prepared by Radio "Racija," information about a human rights press center in Belarus, and periodic reports which monitor violations of Belarusian laws on the mass media.

Belarusian Chronicle Wire service articles and other news from and about Belarus.

Belarusian Popular Front Opposition party in Belarus. Site includes description of the party, the chair, and official news releases.

Belarus Virtual Guide A collaboration project among a group of Belarusan scientists working around the world. A very thorough review of Belarusan history, culture, law and politics, and numerous other resources, including a Belarusan-English dictionary.

Minsk Economic News Each issue includes basic news from Belarus on politics, banking, society, commentary and current events. Old issues immediately accessible, recent issue requires free registration before viewing.

Online Guide to Minsk OrganizationsThis Russian-language online searchable index to organizations in Minsk is based on a survey conducted in the spring of 1999. The information collected covers the activities of 1203 organizations in the Minsk region.

Parliament of the Republic of Belarus Provides selected Belarusian parliamentary and constitutional documents in Russian and English.

Vecherny Minsk News summaries and articles from Belarus available in English and Russian. Covers topics of national importance from demand for consumer goods to violence in the Army.

Veras Youth Organization In addition to focusing on youth organizations in Belarus, Veras maintains an extensive website and listserv both in Belarusian and English.


Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library Includes links to information on the Internet including regional data on the Caucasus, and data on individual countries.

Caucasian Regional Studies Journal Published in Russian in print, and in English on the Internet. Aimed at stimulating inter-disciplinary debate on Caucasian issues among academics from the region and in appropriate departments in the West.

Central Eurasia Project Resource Page One of the sections of the Soros Foundation Web site, the Central Eurasia Project Resource Page has a page for each country in the Caucasus and Central Asia. The country pages have an excellent collection of links to other sites, news sources, and articles on the country's history, government, business, human rights, media, environment, etc.

Graduate Training and Research Program in the Contemporary Caucasus Website with numerous Caucasus resources including links, a list of English-language works, events, and Caucasus- related research projects and programs.

Habarlar-L An electronic mailing list which focuses on Azerbaijan and Caucasia.

TransCaucasus: A Chronology covering events in Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Nagorno Karabagh.

Turkistan-N An electronic newsletter which reports on the "Land of the Turks" which includes Central Asia and the Caucasus. 

Central Asia

Asia-Plus An independent news service in Tajikistan. A selection of back issues are available at the site, plus information on how to subscribe to the regular Asia-Plus e-mail news service.

Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library Includes links to information on the Internet including regional data on Central Asia, and data on individual countries.

CANGO.NET The Central Asian Non- Governmental Organizations network is a Web site and e-mail network for NGOs in the region, managed by Counterpart International with support from USAID. The Web site contains a large searchable database of NGOs in the region, which includes very brief descriptions and contact information. There is also a large and growing online library of resources for NGOs active in a wide variety of fields.

Carrie Full-Text Electronic Library Includes a number of publications relating to Central Asia.

Center for Political and Strategic Studies CPSS publishes Perspectives on Central Asia, a monthly newsletter examining conflict resolution in Central Asia, which is available on the site along with other publications.

Centre for Social Research, Kyrgyz Academy of Science This site provides recent a bibliography on political and social issues related to Kyrgyzstan. It also provides useful links to other sites on Central Asia.

Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst Published by the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute (CACI) of The Johns Hopkins University-The Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, "The Central Asia-Caucasus Analyst" regularly includes analytical articles as well as sections titled "Field Reports," "News Bites," and "Forum Summaries.".

CentralAsia-L An announcement-only list sponsored by the Harvard Forum for Central Asian Studies.

Central-Asia-Studies-L and CENASIA Listservs Two listservs which focus on Central Asia.

Central Asian Studies World Wide Information relevant to the study of Central Asia, including: research and training institutions, publications, conferences, contacts, and more. In mid-1998 the site will include a Guide to Scholars of Central Asia.

Central Eurasia Resource Page A project of the Open Society Institute, The Central Eurasia Resource Page is an excellent collection of links to Web sites, on-line news sources, and print publications for Armenia, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. The collection of news sources is particularly good.

Cyber-Caravan E-Journal A new biweekly publication [est. Dec 1998], 'The Cyber-Caravan' is devoted to news and analysis of the Caucasus and Central Asia.

Ferghana List A listserv intended to further the goals of building harmony and prosperity in the Ferghana Valley.

Human Rights in Turkestan Includes history and links on human rights in Central Asia as well as stories on specific events.

Interactive Central Asia Resource Project on the Net Comprehensive collection of descriptive links to Central Asia on the Internet with over 500 independent links.

IREX IATP Central Asian Listservs IATP runs several listservs relating to the Central Asian region.

Reporting Central Asia A free weekly news service which carries articles by local journalists.

Research Centre for Turkestan and Azerbaijan The site contains information on publications; articles and analysis on politics, history, and culture; and links to other sites related to the region. Links are also available to SOTA-hosted sites dedicated to the Karaims and Tatars of the Crimea.

Tajikistan Update Tajikistan Update contains sections on news (including archived news stories), culture, discussion and chat groups, analytical articles, and a message board. The site also contains a useful map directory. For more information, contact the host, David Straub at: davidstraub@geocities.com

UIGHUR-L An open, unmoderated mailing list dedicated to discussions on "Eastern Turkestan".

UNESCO Central Asia Project includes maps, texts, images and sounds presenting the region and its rich culture.


CRIMEA-L A discussion list on Crimea and Crimean Tatars

Crimean Tatars Home Page A site dedicated to detailing the history of the Crimean Tatars.

Crimean Tatar Non- Governmental Organizations A very useful site covering a number of Crimean Tatar NGOs located in Simferopol, Bakhchisaray, and Yevpatoria. 

Eastern Europe

BosNet: Bosnia-Hercegovina Internet List Distributes information relevant to the events in/about Republic of Bosnia-Hercegovina.

Eeurope-Changes Digest A discussion list. "...controversial topics welcomed, political, economic and social matters discussed." Subscription and list archives are available on the site.

Central Europe Review is a weekly Internet journal of politics, society and culture, bringing news and information from across Central and Eastern Europe and aiming to present and interpret events in "a new and challenging light." They publish around 30 features a week on their site covering the entire region, and their collection of archived articles is extensive and broad.

Intermarum The First Online Journal of East Central European Postwar History and Politics with the purpose of facilitating interaction between scholarly communities by making research, essays, commentaries, documents, and reviews from the region available in English.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Newsline Short daily news reports sent via e-mail covering former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe.

REENIC: Russian and East European Network Information Center A project of the Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies at the University of Texas, REENIC is an extensive, regularly updated collection of links to hundreds of Web sites related to Eastern Europe and Eurasia.

SEEODNetwork The Southeastern Europe Organization Development Network maintains this list of sites relating to Southeastern Europe. 


Estonia-Government Links Links to several Estonian government ministries as well as sights dealing with travel and education in Estonia.

Estonian Political Parties Contact information for many political parties in Estonia. 


Georgia's NGO Sector News A weekly bulletin published by the Horizonti Foundation in Tbilisi.

The Georgian Times English-language bi- monthly newspaper.

Horizonti Foundation The Horizonti Foundation is an NGO resource center in Tbilisi. The Foundation's Web site has information about all kinds of NGO projects, as well as announcements of funding and training opportunities for organizations in the region, and analysis of the NGO sector in Georgia and the laws which regulate it.

Parliament of Georgia The official Web site of the government of Georgia contains information about the government, press releases, and links to news services and other Web sites in Georgia.


Kazakhstan Legal Information Institute Links to an organization which provides information about Kazakhtan's legal system as well as a copy of the Kazakh consitution in English.

Semipalatinsk Relief and Rehabilitation Programme The Government of Kazakhstan, with the assistance of the United Nations Development Programme, has created a website which focuses on the Government's Semipalatinsk Relief and Rehabilitation Programme.The programme's bi-monthly newsletter will be placed on the website. 


Centre for Social Research, Kyrgyz Academy of Science This site provides a recent bibliography on political and social issues related to Kyrgyzstan. It also provides useful links to other sites on Central Asia.

Kyrgyzstan FreeNet Includes information on the history, geography and culture of the Kyrgyz people.

Kyrgyzstan Video: "The Generous Manas" Colorado-based Keen Communications is offering a videotaped version of the epic Kyrgyz folk-poem "Manas".

Polysphere Polysphere is a scientific and educational on-line magazine published in Kyrgyzstan. The purpose of the magazine is to contribute to the formation of democracy and open society in Kyrgyzstan, and to promote Kyrgyz science and culture and its integration into the international community. 


Chas - Daily Latvian Newspaper. The site is updated daily with news in Russian about politics, economics, life, sports and business in Latvia and around the world. Available in Windows/1251 fonts.

Latvian Webserver Introduction to the region, tourism information and facts about Latvia. Info on Latvian business, sites, government, art and culture, and more!

Russian Public Information Center in Latvia RPIC focuses on Russian life in Latvia and the Russian diaspora in the NIS. It runs a listserv on Russian culture and has links to Russian and Latvian topics. Most of the site is in Russian


ELTA - Lithuanian News Agency that provides weekly news reports on events in Lithuania and the Baltics. Available in Lithuanian and English.

Lithuanian Government Sites Descriptions and direct links to the Lithuanian Ministries of Justice, Transportation, Communications, Foreign Affairs and Environmental Protection. Also links to Customs, State Patent Bureau, Information Institute and Department of Statistics.

Russian Community in Lithuania a Russian-language site for the Russian community in Lithuania. Includes links to information about Russian NGOs in the region, as well as cultural resources.


MoldNet MoldNet is the Academic Internet Network for Moldova, which started as a Soros Foundation project in 1995. Under the heading "Civil Society" on the home page you will find a link to the Contact Center, an NGO resource center in Chisinau, which also hosts Web sites for other NGOs. Also under "Civil Society" on the MoldNet home page there is a list, with contact information, for 25 NGOs in Moldova.


Carnegie sites on Russian Presidential Elections A post-electoral publication describing chief actors in the Duma and presidential elections, currently available online.

Directory of Russian Periodicals Online Links to dozens of online newspapers, magazines and bulletins in a wide variety of subject fields.

East Siberian Web Server Information on Irkutsk, Lake Baikal, science, technology, business opportunities and tourism in the East Siberia region.

GlasNet GlasNet is an Internet service provider in Russia that is used by many non-governmental organizations. The GlasNet homepage has a nice collection of links to other Russia-related Web sites, on-line news sources, search engines, etc. The site hosts home pages for a growing number of GlasNet subscribers, both individuals and organizations.

Info-Russ Established as a place where emigrants from the former USSR can meet each other and share information, the list sometimes includes news and views you won't find elsewhere.

Johnson's Russia List A daily e-mail newsletter with news and analysis about all aspects of contemporary Russia. 

Karelia,a very useful resource for anyone interested in this northern region of Russia which borders Finland, has sections on business and the economy, society, culture, education, religion, mass media, government, etc. The site also includes an online directory containing 829 Karelian NGOs at: http://st.karelia.ru/~alexandr/org/. The site is mostly in Russian, but many pages offer English versions.

Karelian Centre of Political and Social Researches Karelian Centre of Political and Social Researches was founded in 1994 as an analytic group at "Karelia" newspaper , then its activities were extended. The Centre researched the Party-political processes in the republic, the authority structure of Karelia , and wrote the biographies of advanced political leaders, businessman, officials and etc.

Maine-based organizations working in Russia Includes a membership list of organizations and a bulletin board for public discussion.

Moscow Expat e-mail list for English-speaking expats living in Moscow.

Moscow Online Magazine & City Guide A monthly online magazine intended as a survival guide for expatriates living and working in Moscow. Includes information on such subjects as visas, medical care, transportation, shopping, and doing business in Moscow. The guide is a great resource for tourists visiting Moscow.

The Moscow Times One of Moscow's oldest and most respected English-language newspapers. Brief summaries of the top stories are available for free with the whole newspaper available to subscribers. Of special interest are the job announcements and classifieds, which are free.

NerpaNet, Baikal Youth & Community Network.

Necco.net is a new search engine dedicated to providing the largest variety of links to anyone interested in Russia and Russia-related "stuff," including culture, business and politics.

Panorama A free monthly bulletin covering Eurasia Foundation activities in southern Russia.

Politics and Elections A communication and information exchange focused electronic mailing list with actual information about changes in the political system of the Russian Federation.

Rusline A mega-list of links to sites related to Russia, with an emphasis on business-related sites.

Russian Government Internet Network The Internet home page of the Russian government, it includes links to government agencies and official decrees.

Russian Government LinksContains links to three ministries of the Russian Federation: Education, Sceince and Technologies, and Environmental Protection and Natural Resources.

Russia Net Nice site with a lot of information on the topics of business, travel, politics, history and culture. Slick presentation, but not updated regularly.

Russian Regional Report - a weekly survey of political, economic, and social trends in the 89 regions of the Russian Federation.

Russian Story Free Russian- language full text search of dozens of up-to-date Russian newspapers. Free previews of articles (Charge for full articles). Good research tool.

Russia Votes If you want up to date information about what Russian electors are thinking, you can find it at a new Website of VCIOM, Moscow, and the Centre for the Study of Public Policy. It gives full details of the latest VCIOM public opinion poll from August and trends in public opinion too.

Ryazan online This site allows you to visit Ryazan virtually and learn about its history, meet local artists and find contact information for local government officials, schools, newspapers, medical clinics and more. It includes an extensive database of local NGOs.

The St. Petersburg Times Published every Tuesday and Friday, two or three top stories and opinion articles are available for free, with the rest available only to subscribers. Good classifieds and job and event listings.

St. Petersburg Web Home Page One of the first Web sites in Russia, the St. Petersburg Web is a great way to visit the city that Peter built. SPW hosts the electronic version of several newspapers and magazines. There is a map of the city and subway system, an entertainment guide, information about the business climate, and more.

Virtual Library: Russian and East European Studies A large site of links on every topic having to do with Russian, East European/Post-Soviet Studies.

Vladivostk News Current and back issues of Vladivostok's only English-language weekly newspaper.


CatNet: E-mail Provider for nonprofit and commercial organizations in Turkmenistan.

Information Consulatative Centre of Ashgabat The Centre was founded in 1996 to promote the development of NGOs in Turkmenistan. Its Web site contains an online database with contact information for hundreds of NGOs in Turkmenistan. There is also a listing of Western organizations which provide funding and assistance to NGOs in Eurasia. 


Brama Inc. Large number of links to Ukrainian news, culture, government info, pictures, maps, and announcements.

Chernobyl Journal Site has links to various documents related to the Chernobyl disaster and reports on radiation. Most articles in Russian.

City of Kharkov Page Created by a native of the city, the site features information, history and pictures of this city in the North east of Ukraine.

Foundation Platform Cooperation Netherlands- Ukraine This national foundation publishes a magazine "Oekraine Magazine". The magazine is in Dutch.

Infocenter Chornobyl Maintained by the Chornobyl State Regional Center of Scientific and Technical Information, the site has information about the accident at Chornobyl and conditions today, as well as links to other Chornobyl Web site.

InfoUkes News Home page for the listserv, links to Ukrainian news, political and legal sites, business and travel information, arts and entertainment and more.

Institute of Statehood and Democracy The Institute is a non-governmental public policy research institute in Kyiv. The Institue's Web site includes contact information for the central and oblast governments and ministries, the Verkhovna Rada (parliament), political parties, and the current situation in Ukraine.

Kyiv Freenet Noncommercial computer network provided by the United Nations Development Project. Contact information for Communications Assistance Team.

Research Update -UCIPR Electronic magazine including regular coverage and analysis of major developments that will inevitably have significant impact on Ukraine's policies, its emergent civil society and the general transition process.

Rukh Insider This electronic bulletin of news from the Ukraine has been recently restructured and will address a wide range of topics.

Tryzub The Tryzub (trident) is the official coat of arms of Ukraine which dates back to Kievan Rus' around the turn of the millennium. The site contains a variety of information about Ukraine and also hosts the homepages of several Ukrainian organizations, including the Shevchenko Scientific Society, the oldest scholarly society in Ukraine, and Suchasnist' (Contemporary Scene) a Ukrainian literary journal.

Ukraine FAQ Plus Project A wealth of information targeted for non-profit and educational use, includes information on Ukrainian history, culture, current events, organizations and publications.

Ukraine Newstand Part of the Brama.com Web site, the Newstand has links to six English-language newspapers which report on Ukraine and several dozen more in Russian and Ukrainian.

Ukrainian Announcements An online bulletin board for the Ukrainian-North American community.

Ukrainian Legal and Educational Links Links to Ukrainian Universities and sites on the laws of Ukraine, and the Parliamentary library of Ukraine.

Ukrainian NGO Net provides space for various announcements, bulletins, donor assistance program updates, new publication reviews, and questions and answers on a wide spectrum of NGO related topics.

Ukrainian Weekly The Ukrainian Weekly is a weekly newspaper that has been serving the Ukrainian-North American community since 1933. It's Web site has an excerpt from the current issue and all the stories from 1997 and 1996. There are also excerpts from the special "Year-End Edition" going back to 1976 and a section on the Ukrainian famine in the 1930's.

Welcome to Ukraine This site contains links by nation and city. It allows organizations to add or edit information about their own organization, so the database has great growth potential.


Cyber Uzbekistan includes a wide variety of information about Uzbekistan, including business and political news, travel, and links to other Uzbekistan-related sites, plus a large collection of Uzbek news.

Kabarnoma covers the growing world of electronic mass media in Uzbekistan. Published by Internews Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan Web Community is intended to be a place to voice your opinion and participate in the discussions related to Uzbekistan.

www.uzreport.com Real time business news website on Uzbekistan's main financial, business, and economic and investment news. This website has English, Russian, and Uzbek versions.

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