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E-mail Lists

DO-WIRE is a moderated e-mail announcement list covering the convergence of democracies and the Internet around the

FM Alert An electronic bulletin published by the Forced Migration Projects of the Open Society Institute, containing breaking news and updates on people, places and events that concern refugees and displaced persons.

A low-traffic listserv dealing with issues regarding women, human rights, education, the environment, and more. Sponsored by the Center for Environment and Sustainable Development "Eco-Accord" in cooperation with the Federation of Peace and Conciliation.

Human Rights, Democracy, and Peace Education in the Russian Federation An informative electronic mailing list for students, teachers, non-governmental organizations, schools, and other groups interested in civic education.

Huridocs-gen-L A good source for information about conferences, publications, organizations and Web sites. Posts are primarily by or about human rights organizations in Europe.

JustLinks Justice Links is a periodic bulletin listing on-line resources related to the development of the rule of law in the emerging democracies of the former USSR and worldwide. Also available in Russian.

The Forced Migration Monitor offers information on the plight of refugees in the former Soviet Union, the former Yugoslavia, and the Americas. This publication can be received by e-mail or in print.

Web Sites

AAAS Directory of Human Rights Resources on the Internetfeatures hundreds of human rights Internet sites with descriptions and organizational contact information, classified by topical and geographical focus. It also contains several interesting and useful articles about using the Internet for human rights work.

CIS Law Notes Covers legal developments in the former Soviet Union, with a focus on commercial law developments in Central Asia, the Russian Federation, and the Transcaucasus. Sponsored by a private American law firm operating out of Moscow.

Constitutional and Legislative Policy Institute Legal information on media freedoms, and legal resources on the Internet. Online publications include East European Constitutional Review.

Council of Europe Minorities Website This site, run by the Directorate General of Human Rights within the Council of Europe, is specifically devoted to minority issues.

Counterpart Creative Center provides information on the Legal Education Information Bulletin, a project of the Rule of Law Consortium and USAID. The main goals of the bulletin are to provide NGOs with on-line and useful information of civil rights advocacy and to establish a permanent exchange of information.

Eastern and Central European Internet Directory for Human Rights Directory of resources on Human Rights in Europe with special focus on OSCE states and Central and Eastern Europe. Direct access to information on certain states.

East European Constitutional Review- Russian Edition The Review carefully monitors and interprets legal and political change in the countries of Eastern Europe and the CIS, and is now available in its Russian edition.

ECMI Enriched Links Database This database maintained by the European Centre for Minority Issues provides quick access to more than 400 selected Internet resources on minorities.

Express-Chronicle Human Rights Report A daily Russian-language bulletin/news service that reports on human/civil rights events and organizations.

Human Rights Information Center Contains information from the Human Rights Conference in Odessa with articles from law students and professors on the human rights situation in Ukraine.

Human Rights Internet One of the oldest international clearinghouses for human rights organizations around the world, Human Rights Internet has begun to upload it's collection of materials to the Internet. Site includes curricula, a directory of academic programs, and a growing list of links to other resources on the Internet.

Human Rights Online A veritable, virtual library of information about the human rights situation in Russia.

Human Rights USA Resource Center Located at the University of Minnesota, the Resource Center seeks to strengthen human rights in the United States through education and advocacy programs in schools and community settings.

Independent Society of Human Rights in Georgia Founded in 1996, the organization seeks to increase public awareness of human rights issues and promote the development of democratic institutions. The site contains news, links to other organizations, and other resources concerning human rights in Georgia.

International Center for Not-for-Profit Law ICNL provides technical assistance to governments, courts, and NGOs around the world on the writing of laws and regulations that govern non-governmental organizations. Its Web site has articles discussion the basic elements of law needed for a vibrant NGO sector and archives of its quarterly journal.

International Law Electronic Discussion Groups and Journals Subscription information and short descriptions of 150 electronic dicussion groups and journals.

Internet Guide to the Law of the Caucasus and Central Asia A project of the University of Bremen to help German companies expand to Eurasia, this is a database of over 200 laws available in German, Russian, and English. The University plans to expand the database to include all CIS countries.

Jewish Human Rights Web-Site A project of the Union of Councils for Soviet Jews, FSU Monitor is dedicated to exposing acts of anti-semitism and violations of human rights in Russia and the former Soviet Union.

Kazakhstan Legal Information Institute Links to an organization which provides information about Kazakhtan's legal system as well as a copy of the Kazakh consitution in English.

Lawyer's Committee for Human Rights focuses on building the legal institutions and structures that will guarantee human rights in the long term. Programs in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Latin America and the NIS.

Memorial Memorial was founded in 1988 by leading elements of Russia's democratic intelligentsia to recognize the millions of citizens who passed through the Gulag and to provide support for those still living and their families. Memorial's Web site includes online documents about human rights and the Gulag, a map of the Gulag, and links to regional chapters

Non-Violence International--Newly Independent States Includes a database, with contact information and project descriptions, of NIS organizations which work on issues related to peace and conflict resolution.

POLYTON A Russian-language site produced by the Independent Information Agency (NIA), a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization established to gather, evaluate, and analyze economic statistics and information regarding social and legal relations in Kazakhstan. NIA's goal is to gather and analyze public opinion data. This information is made available to local and international media outlets.

Russian Ministry of Justice's Center for Legal Information

Sakharov Foundation The Andrei Sakharov Foundation was organized in Moscow shortly after Sakharov's death in December 1989. The Foundation's WWW site includes information about Sakharov, his wife Elena Bonner and the projects she is involved in, a number of documents related to the work of the Foundation in the fields of nuclear energy and human rights, and a list of links to other Web sites related to human rights in and around Russia.

Ukrainian Law Enforcement Site for the Ukrainian Ministry for Internal Affairs encourages discussion of problems of law in Ukraine and has some interesting local law enforcement links.

Ukrainian Legal and Educational Links Links to Ukrainian Universities and sites on the laws of Ukraine, and the Parliamentary library of Ukraine.

US Library of Congress Offers insights into American legal system with documents on how laws are made, full text of legislation, congressional records and more.

World Justice Information Network Contains a search engine accessing 2,000+ crime and justice related sites, news and analysis from around the world, discussion groups, locators for people and organizations, and more.

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