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E-mail Lists

BALLERINA-L Baltic Region 'green' announcement forum and mailing list.

Baltic News E-mail newsletter of Green World, an environmental non-governmental organization near St. Petersburg.

Barents-L Started in late 1993 as a forum for discussions concerning the Barents Euro-Arctic Region among researchers at Umea University in Sweden.

EcoNews A monthly Russian-language journal published by the Independent Ecological Information Center in St. Petersburg.

Ecostan News An English-language monthly bulletin which carries reports on the environment and environmental movements in Central Asia.

ENVBUS-L Facilitates discussion among persons and organizations who are interested in business and environmental issues in Central and Eastern Europe.

ENVCEE-L Environmental Issues in Central and Eastern Europe. A Listserv which includes a wide variety of news and resources of interest to environmental organizations in Eastern Europe and the NIS.

EnvEvents-L A bulletin which lists conferences, exhibits, seminars, and workshops in Europe and North America that focus on environmental and public health issues.

GLOBAL-INFO A low-traffic listserv dealing with issues regarding women, human rights, education, the environment, and more. Sponsored by the Center for Environment and Sustainable Development "Eco-Accord" in cooperation with the Federation of Peace and Conciliation.

Green Horizon is a free newsletter designed to help journalists stay ahead of environmental news in Central and Eastern Europe. Twice a month, Green Horizon offers tips on upcoming stories to watch for, as well as information and ideas to help journalists develop in-depth pieces about the region's environment. Green Horizon is produced by the Media Information Service (MIS) of the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe.

ISAR Kyiv Informational Bulletin A monthly Russian-language electronic bulletin published by ISAR's Kyiv office which contains news of environment-related conferences, publications, and projects in the western NIS.

Transboundary and Environmental News covers the transboundary region of the Baltic states, Finland, and Northwest Russia.

Web Sites

Advising Citizens is a report of the Regional Environmental Center in Budapest on its grant program to support NGO efforts to establish advisory services projects and to promote public participation in environmental decisionmaking in the CEE countries.

Baltic Sea Region On-line Environmental Information Resource "Ballerina" a co-operative effort to provide comprehensive information about issues on environment, natural resources and sustainable development relating to the Baltic Sea Region.

Belarus Environmental Web page A web site from Eco-line Belarus, provides a wealth of information on the Belarus environmental movement, including organizational profiles, news and announcements.

Database of Funding Sources for Environmental NGOs Offers information on funding institutions that support different types of environmental projects conducted by NGOs in Central and East Europe.

EcoLine EcoLine is the Web site of the Socio-Ecological Union, which serves as an umbrella group for more than 250 environmental non-governmental organizations in the NIS. This large site includes information about SEU, its members, a selection of newsletters published by SEU members, a searchable database of environmental NGOs from all over Eurasia, links to other Internet resources, and more.

ELDIS a directory of online information sources on environmental and development issues, including databases, library catalogues, bibliographies, and email discussion lists, research project information, map and newspaper collections. .

EnviroPhantom An environmental search engine sponsored by the Regional Environmental Center in Hungary.

Environmental Education Teacher Training Manual in Russian The site allows you to download the six chapters of the Environmental Education Manual in Russian: Energy, Water, Solid Waste, Air, Green Spaces and Ecology, Money and Community; as well as translated Icebreaker activities and an Introduction to the book itself.

Environmental Technical Information Project An annotated collection of links to Internet resources and online databases which contain technical information about environmental issues. In English and Russian.

Environment and Natural Resource Information Network (ENRIN) designed to help countries in CEE and the NIS to inform citizens and decision-makers about the state of the national environment, and to help the international community to get easy access to official information on the state of the environment from as many countries as possible.

Eurasian Environmental E-mail Users Directory An annotated directory of hundreds of Eurasian environmental organizations which have e-mail capabilities. Now in its fifth edition, the directory is published by the Sacred Earth Network (SEN), which has helped dozens of Eurasian NGOs get online. The directory is available at SEN's Web site where there is also a good list of links to other environmental projects in the region.

Green Budget Reform Newsletter reports on challenges and achievements related to green budget reform in the CEE and NIS region, reviews of Western experience with green budget reform, and reports from conferences and workshops.

Regional Environmental Center Based in Hungary, the REC serves as an information clearinghouse for environmental organizations in Central and Eastern Europe and the NIS. The REC's Web site includes useful search engines, on-line publications and databases, and scads of environmental news and announcements.

Transboundary Environmental Information Agency TEIA is a non-governmental organization which seeks to promote international cooperation by assisting in the distribution of information across border areas in the Baltic states and northwestern Russia. The Web site has a good selection of links to environmental organizations in the region. It also includes news of projects in northwest Russia that provide Internet access for NGOs in the region.

USAID EcoLinks Project maintains a list of websites relating to cleaner production.

USAID Environmental Projects in Eurasia and Eastern Europe. The site contains an overview of USAID's environmental projects in each of the countries in the region, plus a selection of detailed project reports. It also has a links section and a monthly newsletter.

World Wildlife Federation Online The world's largest independent conservation organization provides comprehensive news and information on a variety of environmental topics around the globe.

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