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E-mail Lists
CEEMAN-L CEEMAN-L is managed by Dennis McConnell for the Central and East European Management Development Association

GLOBAL-INFO A low-traffic listserv dealing with issues regarding women, human rights, education, the environment, and more. Sponsored by the Center for Environment and Sustainable Development "Eco-Accord" in cooperation with the Federation of Peace and Conciliation.

Higher Educational Developments in Russia and in the NIS Designed primarily for US campus personnel who deal with students from the NIS, and create a dialogue between US and NIS educational advisors.

Institute of Russian Literature (St. Petersburg) An electronic mailing list devoted to information and events related to Russian literature studies.

PH-Teach Sponsored by Project Harmony for its "Internet School Linkage Program" which partners 15 high schools in the U.S. and NIS. The list is used by the project participants to discuss joint Internet-based education projects. Other teachers and schools are encouraged to join the list and share their experiences using the Internet in the classroom.

Web Sites
Access Russia Access Russia acts as an agent for INION (Institute for Information on Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences), which maintains a library of more than 13 million books, journals, and conference proceedings on a wide variety of subjects, including economics, politics, law, history, philosophy, sociology, etc. Through Access Russia scholars, journalists and others can search through abstracts of the INION collection and order articles, etc. which can be delivered electronically.

CivicNet Sponsored by the Association for Civic Education in Moscow, this site contains a variety of resources, including: a collection of on-line documents and curricula; links to other Russian and civic education organizations; and even links to Web sites of some Russian political parties. In Russian.

Civnet Web site An on-line library of articles, curricula, and books related to civics education. Most of the documents have been prepared for use in the U.S. Also a large database of civic education organizations, with contact information, from around the world.

E-Mail Addresses for U.S. Graduate Business Schools Graduate Business Schools in the United States listed by State.

Friends and Partners Friends & Partners started in January 1994 as a "labor of love" by Greg Cole in Knoxville, Tennessee, and Natasha Bulashova in Puschino, Russia. Dozens of people, including CCSI, have taken up their offer and the result is a Web site with information in a wide variety of fields, including art, education, health, history, literature, science, space, etc. In essence F&P has become a virtual meeting place for people interested in the NIS.

Human Rights Education Library The results from an intensive, classroom-based study in Romania, where teachers experimented with an alternative civics curriculum based on human rights themes and using non-traditional methods of instruction, can be found at this site.

I*EARN (the International Education and Resource Network) was established in 1988 as a joint US-USSR project to link 13 schools via computer to share classroom projects. I*EARN currently operates in over 30 countries with 1,500 schools and youth organizations.

Institute of International Education Web site of one of the major US educational and training organizations-- includes a list of programs and services, and a great list of links for exchange programs abroad.

Institute for the Study of Russian Education Includes electronic resources, and archives of recent issues of the ISRE newsletter.

International Education Financial Aid IEFA is a valuable Internet resource for financial aid information for students wishing to study in a foreign country. The site contains a comprehensive listing of grants, scholarships, loan programs, and other information to assist students in their pursuit to study abroad.

IREX The site contains a variety of resources for scholars, including: grant opportunities; a list of educational advising centers in the NIS; and links to Russian-language materials for students interested in studying in the U.S.

Journal of Economic Education Online Section The primary goal of the Online section is to identify exemplary material for teaching and learning economics that is interactive or otherwise not conducive to traditional printed-page format.

Museums of Russia Website dedicated to Russian museums includes part of their collections on-line.

NAFSA: Association of International Educators NAFSA- Association of International Educators is the national professional association for international educators. NAFSA promotes international educational exchange between the United States and the rest of the world and provides information about financial aid for international students.

NerpaNet helps kids in Siberia (and all over the world) learn about the Lake Baikal region and its environment.

Polemika - an on-line journal facilitating discussion of issues pertinent to transitional societies in the New Independent States. The journal highlights substantive articles, essays, book reviews, and conference reports produced by alumni of the USIA Regional Scholar Exchange Program and Freedom Support Act Fellowships in Contemporary Issues as a result of the knowledge and skills gained from their research in the US.

Polysphere Polysphere is a scientific and educational on-line magazine published in Kyrgyzstan. The purpose of the magazine is to contribute to the formation of democracy and open society in Kyrgyzstan, and to promote Kyrgyz science and culture and its integration into the international community.

Open Society Institute-Budapest maintains a site with lists of links to other resources and programs divided by category, such as education, human rights, or nationalities.

REDLINE The Russian Educational Line offers access to on-line publications of curricular materials and reports on developments in the sphere of education. Also included are excerpts from the weekly magazine Uchitelskaya Gazeta, a weekly magazine for Russian primary and secondary school teachers.

Russian Links for Educators A list of links to schools and other resources related to education in Russia.

Russian Schools on the Internet A list of Web sites and e-mail addresses for dozens of Russian (and some Ukrainian) K-12 schools which have Internet access.

Russian Social Studies and Humanities Internet network offes a series of scholarly lists which address Russian topics in Russian.

School Education Server of St. Petersburg Web site for an e-mail network of more than 100 secondary and vocational schools in St. Petersburg.

"Scientist to Scientist" is a newsletter which serves as an information clearinghouse on cooperative projects between the US, Western Europe and Eastern Central Europe and Central Asia. The newsletter also focuses on funding opportunities and resources for scientists and engineers in ECE and CA.

Sister Cities International SCI's Web site includes an online directory of all the U.S.-NIS sister city associations and links to their Web sites.

Ukrainian Legal and Educational Links Links to Ukrainian Universities and sites on the laws of Ukraine, and the Parliamentary library of Ukraine.

U.S. College and University Affiliations with local institutions in the NIS and CEE List of partnerships between educational institutions in specific programs such as Business, Economics and Public Administration.

U.S. Education Information Center This is the home page of the U.S. government-sponsored Education Advising Center in Moscow for students who want to attend a university in the U.S. The Web site includes all sorts of information for prospective students, including financial aid information. It also has a listing of all the Education Information Centers in Eurasia.

U.S. Network for Education Information Maintained by the U.S. Department of Education, this site contains information both for foreign students trying to study in the U.S., and American students wishing to study abroad.

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