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Transnational Crime and Corruption Center facilitates an exchange of ideas, research and policy-related information among a community of international academics, law-enforcement officials, policy makers, businessmen, NGOs practitioners, and representatives of mass-media who are concerned about the problem of organized crime and corruption in countries of the former Soviet Union.

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Corruption Watch is a monthly e-mail bulletin which reports on corruption issues in Ukraine.

Corruption in Formerly-Communist Societies A bibliography and list of Internet reources. This compilation includes lists of print materials, focusing primarily upon those appearing in English since 1989, and a growing list of Internet links too. The geographic emphasis is upon the Former Soviet Union and the formerly-communist countries of Central/Eastern Europe. The project was initiated and supported by the Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative of the Open Society Institute of The Soros Foundation, Budapest, Hungary.

Nobribes Organized under the Anti-Corruption Network for Transition Economies, this site provides information on anti-corruption legislation, programs, activities, reports, surveys, and other documents for Central and Eastern Europe as well as the countries of the former Soviet Union. It also includes a Calendar page and an interactive Discussion Group.

Transparency International Transparency International works to curb corruption by mobilizing a global coalition of stakeholders in the integrity of national and international governance, including most importantly the institutions of civil society and the private sector. TI's Web site includes its annual Corruption Perceptions Index, which is a "poll of polls" measuring the public's view of the extent of corruption in their own country. In 1998 Denmark was ranked as the least corrupt, with the U.S. tied with Austria for 17th place. The Web site also includes the TI Source Book, which is a collection of best practices from around the world in the effort to combat corruption.

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