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A low-traffic listserv dealing with issues regarding women, human rights, education, the environment, and more. Sponsored by the Center for Environment and Sustainable Development "Eco-Accord" in cooperation with the Federation of Peace and Conciliation.

Sponsored by the Network of East-West Women, which works to promote the formation of independent women’s movements in Eastern Europe and the former USSR.

Web Sites
American International Health Alliance's on-line Women's Health Resources includes links to other women's and health organizations including breast cancer information and family planning materials in Russian and Central Asian languages.

Aviva An internet magazine which acts as a host to women's groups and services globally. Lists information on women's organizations regionally. Good contact resource.

EMILJA The Baltic and North West Russian Database for Women´s Studies and Gender Research, a project of NIKK, the Nordic Institute for Women's Studies and Gender Research.

Gender Monitor A summary of articles related to women's issues which appeared recently in the Ukrainian press. The Monitor is a service of The Ukrainian Center for Independant Political Research (UCIPR).

Global Reproductive Health Forum Provides access to original research and discussion by hundreds of individuals and organizations.

Mapping the World of Women's Information Services An  extensive searchable online database of women's information centers and libraries that are open to the public. More than 325 women's information centers from over 124 countries are in the database at the moment.

Moscow Women's Crisis Center. January 1998 interview with Marina Pisklakova, the Center's director, has been translated and is now available online at the Russian Feminism Resources Web site.

Moscow Domestic Violence Conference Highlights of a conference held in October 1997 in Moscow. Included is an overview of activities during the conference as well as draft legislation to prevent domestic violence, an appeal to the Russian government, and an open letter to the Russian media.

NEWW Bulletin A compilation of the most pertinent information from NEWW's listserv and other listservs addressing issues of gender in post-communist societies. Available in print or electronically.

Open Women Line OWL is a project of Zhensky Innovatsionny Fond "Vostok-Zapad" (Women's Innovation Fund "East-West") to provide easy access for women to the new information resources on the Internet and to develop information exchanges between women's organizations within Russia and on an international level.

Russian Feminism Resources An excellent, regularly updated list of links on "Women and Russia." Has an English language and Russian language links page with resources, articles, listservs and more.

Traffic in Women for Prostitution from the Newly Independent States A report by Global Survival Network and the International League for Human Rights available on-line or in print form.

"Traffickers' New Cargo: Naive Slavic Women", which appeared in the January 11, 1998 edition of The New York Times is now available online, in Ukrainian.

We/Myi "The Women's Dialogue"is a Russian-language magazine for women published bimonthly in Moscow.

Women's Human Rights Resources A project of the University of Toronto Bora Laskin Law Library. It was created as a tool to help researchers, students, teachers and human rights advocates search the internet for authoritative information on women's international human rights. Contains internet and document links as well as annotated bibliographies.

Women in Business Devoted to women in business, this site is sponsored by the Center for International Private Enterprise, which funds and organizes business development projects around the world. The site contains back issues of CIPE's newsletter Organizing for Success: A Newsletter for Women Entrepreneurs and has a list of links to major American women's business associations.

Women's Information Network To access the english version of the site go to: www.owl.ru/win/winet/English/English.html. A database of over 1,300 women's organizations in Russia and the other countries of the NIS.

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