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This section is designed for students from the NIS hoping to study in the US. The following links include information on local educational advising centers and advising resources on the Internet, lists of schools, and information on funding programs and institutions. Any comments or additions to this page can be sent to:

Resources on US study for Foreign Students 

Institute of International Education
This site is designed to aid in the educational and training exchanges to the US. It is aimed at students, college advisors and human resource professionals seeking International training. The site gives details on programs, grants and fellowships. They also sell reference books and placement services. A new site specifically for Rusian citizens is now available at:

IREX - Russia
IREX, or the International Research and Exchange Board, is a non-profit organization founded in 1968 to administer academic exchanges between the United States and the Soviet Union. IREX efforts have expanded to encompass professional training, institution building, technical assistance, and policy programs with the Newly Independent States, and Central and Eastern Europe among others.

OSEAS Europe Internet Resources
Another comprehensive site for advisors and students alike. Sections available on this site include: US and Canadian Universities, links specific for Fields of Study, International Education and Advising, Financial Aid, Testing and more.

Study in the USA: A Resource for International Students
Provides guidance for students considering study in the US. Includes information on
testing, visas, admission procedures, and choosing a college. A great place to start.

U.S. Network for Education Information: Maintained by the U.S. Department of Education, this site contains information on the structure of American education, institutions, and studying and teaching in the U.S.

WWW Resources for Educational Advisors compiled by Marianne Ruane, ACTR/ACCELS Moscow
Suitable under many of the categories on this page, this site has links of interest to Educational Advisors as well as for students who want to study overseas. Each section contains direct links to all the databases of information available on the Web on certain topics. The sections available on this page include: International Education, US Universities, Financial Aid, Testing, Publications, European EACs and more.

Educational Advising Resources

Lists of Education Advising Centers in Eurasia maintained by:
United States Information Agency


Web Guides to U.S. Universities
A guide to Web sites which contain information on US Universities. These sites include information on universities, but also practice SAT tests and testing schedules, information on college admission offices, and test preparation. A few of the sites will allow you to search for universities by location (city and state), or visit rankings of the universities by respected publications like US News and World Report.

OSEAS Europe Internet Resources
Along with its great list of International Educational Advising resources, this page provides a number of links to databases of both US and Canadian universities available on the Web.

Program Information for different Fields of Study

Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates
Assesses the readiness of graduates of foreign medical schools to enter residency or fellowship programs in the United States.

European Training Foundation Web Site
The European Training Foundation (ETF) promotes cooperation and co-ordination of assistance in the field of vocational training reform in Central and Eastern Europe and the New Independent States and Mongolia (called the partner countries).

Entrance Exams
Marianne Ruane's Resources for Educational Advisors
Contains a great list under the section "Testing" which includes links for all the major tests and links to information on the exams from Kaplan and Princeton Review testing services. Many of these Web sites (including the ones listed below) have sample test questions, practice exams and other materials for those taking the tests.

GRE Exam that is often required for entering graduate school.
GMAT Required examination for entrance to MBA (graduate business school)
TOEFL Exam which measures English-fluency level for foreign students.

Funding and Grants

American Colleges and Universities with Financial Aid for Undergraduates
A table of American colleges and universities which gave the most financial aid to undergraduate foreign students in the 1996-1997 school year. Although not a guarantee of funding, it can be used as a guide for the universities which are most likely to provide funding for students with little funding resources of their own.

Financial Aid Information Page
The site is sponsored by the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA). The page for International students states that funding for International students is difficult to find, but they provide a number of publications, organizations and loans available to foreign students.

Internet Funding Information
Includes a long list of Web sites for charitable, philanthropic and funding organizations on the Internet. Although not designed for educational funding, there are a number of databases to search which will provide helpful leads, and lists of organizations and foundation which may be willing to sponsor students. (This information is also available on Marianne's page)

Business School Links

The Top 20 Business Schools in Russia Compiled by the World Bank and the Russian business magazine "Den'gi (Money)."

Statistics for Business School Rankings Lists the top schools, as ranked by the US Business Week magazine, in terms of overall best, general management, marketing, finance and operations.

Business Schools for Entrepreneurs The top 25 schools for entrepreneurs as ranked by the US magazine Success. Includes links to school Web sites.

Leading Business Schools in Central and Eastern Europe A list of 56 CEE-based business schools which appear in their directory. Published by the Central and East European Management Development Association .

Heriot-Watt University Distance-Learning MBA can be earned by self-paced distance learning. Nine courses required to earn the MBA, most students complete their MBA studies in 18 to 36 months.

E-Mail Addresses for U.S. Graduate Business Schools A list of e-mail address for 88 US Graduate-level business programs. Schools which could not provide an e-mail were not included.

MBA Program Web sites Includes a searchable database of over 500 MBA programs.

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