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Transboundary Environmental Information Agency
Notabene Publishers 1998,
347 pp., indexes,12.5 cm X 18.5 cm
First Edition
Paper, ISBN 5-87170-105-1

A Directory of Non-Government Environmental Organizations of St. Petersburg
First Edition

A publication of the Transboundary Environmental Information Agency, this volume provides up-to-date information on some 160 nongovernmental environmental organizations in St. Petersburg. This directory is designed to assist those seeking information, cooperation, and collaboration on environmental issues in St. Petersburg and neighboring regions. The transboundary nature of many environmental problems, such as air and water pollution, makes international collaboration in this field essential. Governments, private industries, and nongovernmental entities involved in work relating to ecology and the environment should find much useful information in this directory.

With text in both English and Russian, the citations include addresses and contact information, as well as a brief description of the organization, their projects, and other related information.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book go to the support of the Transboundary Environmental Information Agency.

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