Space Development: Theory and Practice


Youth Space Center continues to prepare the Russian workshop: "Space Development: Theory and Practice" that will be held on the 1-11 of April 2000.

We have invited Russian medical people and are going to have a Medical Session. Inessa Kozlovskaya, Professor and Chairman, Department of Sensorimotor Physiology and Countermeasures from Institute for Biomedical Problems, is very enthusiastic about our workshop and has agreed to participate in it. As well we are going invite some other people.

Everybody who wants participate or has some questions about the Workshop please see all information on our website: or write to:

About the Youth Space Center

The Youth Space Center (YSC) was established in Bauman Moscow State Technical University (BMSTU) in 1989 to provide primary aerospace education for young people, stimulate youth creative research thinking, promote space science and technology achievements, and develop cooperation with other youth organizations in the international aerospace community. The center is staffed by Dr. Victoria Mayorova, BMSTU Associate Professor, the YSC director, Dr. Boris Kovalev, BMSTU Associate Professor, the YSC scientific director, 5 student consultants and many volunteers.

Informally YSC is a community of space enthusiasts, an open club for BMSTU students interested in space science and technology and faculty teaching in this field. Among other programs, YSC hosts an annual Cosmonautics conference for high school students that provides the BMST University with the capability to select well-prepared and motivated students for its rocket and space related departments. For the conference participants it's a good opportunity to be enrolled to the University without entrance examinations.

BMSTU students can participate in such YSC activities as annual international workshop for space enthusiasts and Practical Cosmonautics course. Besides this, the center staff is always ready to help students with solving all their space related questions.

YSC has got relations established with People to People (USA), Cap Espace (France), Students for Exploration and Development in Space, Friends and Partners in Space and the other organizations. We are opened to any proposals and ready to cooperate with any organizations and individuals interested in aerospace education, space science and cooperation.

Last updated:    January 2000

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