International Youth Peace Camp: Saratov-Russia-2000


We, the Administration of the city of Saratov (Russia), the Saratov branch of the Russian Peace Foundation, and the Peace on the Planet Foundation, have the honour to announce the opening of registrations for the International Youth Peace Camp, "Saratov-Russia-2000."

The Camp will be organized on the picturesque coast of the great Russian river Volga. We invite the participation in Youth Camp of all Public and Charitable organizations of the different countries. Youth Camp participants should be teenagers between the ages of 10 to 17 years.

Organizing committee of Camp leadership:

Accommodation: in rooms for 2-3 camp participants each.

All meals provided: breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper.

Prospective program duration: 18 days, July 20-August 8, 2000.

The camp program will include excursions in Saratov and on the Volga by boat.

Rough distribution of participants: USA, Canada, Australia, England, Bulgaria, Russia, Japan.

Estimated cost of the program of stay in Camp: 20 dollars per day per youth.

For the foreign participants of Camp of the World, there will be prepared a cultural program to Moscow and St. Petersburg (cost of the program will depend on a category Hotel and required services).

Registration by e-mail with Alexei Bykov:

Those interested in participating are asked to complete and return the following questionnaire:

Questionnaire for participants of the International Youth Peace Camp "Saratov-Russia-2000"

Country of origin___________________________________________
Contact addresses___________________________________________
Phone___________________________ Fax________________________
Number of participants________________

Please provide for each participant, the following information:

First and Middle Name_________________________
Date of Birth (Day, Month, Year)________________________
Passport Number_______________________
Passport Expiration Date (Day, Month, Year) ________________________
Place of Study (or Work) (Full Name of Organization) ___________________
Address, Telephone, Fax Number__________________________________
Date of Entry (Day, Month, Year) ________________________
Date of Departure (Day, Month, Year) _______________________
Number of Days in Russia ______________________________

Thank you for cooperation.

Alexei Bykov
Program Coordinator

Last updated:    December 1999

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