International Seminar on Woman and Power:
Political and Legal Aspects of Feminism

Crimean Laboratory of Regional Researches
Samokisha st.30
333011 Simferopol
Phone: +380 (652) 297-295, 253-588
Fax: +380 (652) 253-588
Contact: Dr. Tatiana Senyushkina

CCSI received the following conference announcement February 24, 1998 from Sergey Shurinov,
Director of Crimean Laboratory of Regional Researches in Simferopol, Ukraine

International Seminar on Woman and Power: Political and Legal Aspects of Feminism
22 - 28, November, 1998
Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine

During the seminar following problems are planned to be discussed:

Official languages of the seminar - Russian, Ukrainian and English.

The participants will be offered excursions to the most famous historical places of Crimea: Sevastopol, the city where the main base of the Black Sea Fleet is located, Livadia Palace (where Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill met in 1945), Vorontsov Palace in Alupka, Alexander III Palace in Massandra.

Registration fee will make 50 USD, accomodation costs 40 - 100 USD (according to the class of a hotel). Registration fee must be paid upon arrival.

To participate in the seminar you should send the filled registration form and a typed 1-page summary of your paper (2 copies) before May, 15, 1998 to the science chair of the seminar - Dr. Tatiana Senyushkina at the address above.


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Sponsored by:

Crimean Laboratory of Regional Researches
Crimean Branch of the Ukrainian Society of Conflictologists
Women Business Club of Yalta

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