The Fifth Annual Winter School For Applied Russian Studies In Tver


January 4 - February 27, 2000

The International Institute of Russian Language and Culture and Tver State University, under the auspices of the Tver InterContact Group, announce the opening of enrollment for the Third Annual Winter School for Applied Russian Studies in Tver.

The Winter School offers an opportunity for intensive study of Russian language and area studies. Students will spend between 2 and 7 weeks with peers from around the world studying Russian and enjoying the culture of Tver, the capital of the Tver region, conveniently located on the main route between Moscow (2 hours) and St. Petersburg (5 hours).

Students of all ages and proficiency levels are encouraged to apply. Our instructors tailor the curriculum of each program to the unique abilities, needs, and interests of the participants.

The program includes:

All programs include weekend tours within Tver to local artists' workshops, area monasteries, churches, and museums as well as special excursions to nearby cities such as Moscow, towns in the Tver region, and St. Petersburg.

Due to support from the Tver InterContact Group and Tver State University, tuition and education material costs have been waived for the Winter School '00. Students will pay only for room and board, excursions, and a small administrative fee.

For more information please check the web presentation at:

For a complete information and admission packet, please contact:

Dr. Marina Oborina
Director of Academic Programs
International Institute of Russian Language and Culture
PO Box 0565
Central Post Office
170000 Tver, Russia
Phone: +7 0822 425 419 or 425 439
Fax: +7 0822 426 210

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