The Innovation and Development Center


The Innovation and Development Center (IDC) is a fully-licensed Ukrainian NGO--supported by the C.S. Mott Foundation, International Renaissance Foundation (Soros), Eurasia Foundation, United Way and other donors--that works to develop the NGO sector and to introduce Western methods of education in Ukraine and other countries of the FSU.

The Center is currently looking for an American organization with 501(c)(3) status to act as a fiscal partner to accept donations on its behalf in the United States and transfer the funds to Ukraine. This is needed as some of the potential donors in America can only give funds to qualified 501(c)(3) recipients.

If you can suggest a suitable partner organization, please contact:

Oleksander Sydorenko
Innovation and Development Centre
Desiatynna Street, 4/6, Box 228
Ukraine, 252025, Kyiv-25
Tel. (380-44) 2291748, 228 8384
Fax (380-44) 2291748, 2206063

Last updated:    October 1999

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