Summer in Siberia


A People to People Project of REAP International at Lake Baikal, Russia June 26 to July 24, 1999

The Program:
REAP International is organizing a group to travel to Buryatia in southern Siberia at Lake Baikal. Participate in a Green Walk. Includes one week in local situation working with school children and village residents on their environmental problems; and about 10 days in a group walk with Russians between Ulan-Ude and the shore of Lake Baikal. The program ends with a youth conference on the shores of Baikal, where we will come up with some action plans and commitments for the future. We 3expect Russian participants to include persons from Irkutsk. Each day of the walk will be from 8 to 22 kilometers, carrying a day pack and visiting villages and viewing local environmental problems and discussing the situation with local people. Evenings will be camping and some home stays. Camping gear is to be supplied by the participants. The gear will be transported by truck. There will also be a chuck wagon kitchen for morning and evening meals. For those who can commit by February 28th the prices are as follows: Chicago departure $1,800, $1,860 NYC & $2,125 LA..

Why Lake Baikal? Lake Baikal in southeastern Siberia is the World's largest and most unique lake. The Baikal watershed is the size of France, and Buryatia is the size of united Germany. Buryatia includes rolling 'steppe' prairie; taiga forest, long valleys and rugged mountain ranges which bracket the republic. The area resembles parts of Northern Minnesota and North Dakota.

Some things you could do:

REAP is a USAID registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Fifteen persons work for the program, primarily foreign national professionals. Educational reform has been a central theme of our work. Our mission is to promote rural stability through sustainable development.

Full payment is due February 28th. Bookings after February 28th are possible, but we cannot guarantee the prices or same flight. Prices begin:

    Chicago departure $1,800
    New York departure $1,860
    Los Angeles (via Moscow) departure $2,125
Price includes Nonrefundable international airfare to Irkutsk, TransSiberian train between Irkutsk-Ulan- Ude and return to Irkutsk, Visa, emergency medical/evacuation insurance, Moscow in and out costs* Support to hosting family(ies), day program in Irkutsk, 3-day youth conference . Green Walk costs covered, but not camping gear. *Due to increases in cost, participants will be required to pay for some of their own meals and admission costs beyond basic entrance into Kremlin.

Full Information contact Bill Mueller (319) 366-4230; E-Mail


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Last updated:    February 12, 1999