Conference: Management of Organizations:
Regional Factors in the Process of European Integration

Kaunas, Lithuania
September 24-26, 1998

School of Business and Management
Vytautas Magnus University
Daukanto 28
Kaunas 3000, Lithuania
Tel: (370-7) 22 81 97
Fax: (370-7) 20 38 58
Contact: Edita Slamaite

You are cordially invited to the Second Annual International Scientific Conference on "The Management of Organizations: Regional Specifics in the Process of European Integration" in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the renowned scholar, V.A. Graiciunas

The Conference will take place on September 24-26, 1998 in Kaunas, Lithuania, at the School of Business and Management, Vytautas Magnus University.

The purpose of the conference is to examine the role of organisations in the process of European integration, and to highlight regional factors and their influence on the development of organisations.

Benefits to the participants:

Subjects of Reports and Discussions:

Languages of the Conference: Lithuanian, English, Russian Simultaneous translation is planned

Paper Style Guide and Submission Deadline:

Length: 8 - 15 pages
Language: Lithuanian, English, German or Russian
List of references: Necessary
Summary: Necessary, in one of the four conference languages, if different from the language of the paper.
Pictures: White/Black
Implementation: PC, IBM convertible, Version - MS-Word 6 -7
Spacing: Single
Font: Times LT (for Lithuanian); Times New Roman (for English and German); Times RS (for Russian) Font size: 12
Sending: By post - Floppy disk; By E-Mail
Deadline: May 15, 1998

Papers should be addressed to Edita Slamaite at the School of Business and Management of Vytautas Magnus University. Use the contact information provided above.

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