Conference on Multicultural Education in Central Asia


On May 20-22 the Soros Foundation Kazakhstan, in the framework of the National Education Project and with the financial support of the East-East Network Program, is hosting an International Conference "Multicultural Education: Policy, Planning, Sharing".

The goals of the conference are:

Participants from NIS and Eastern Europe countries are welcomed, but the participants from Western countries are supposed to take responsibility for their travel expenses.

The participants can be:

In the case of an applicant's approval by the organizers, all expenses connected with the conference (travel, accommodation and meals) will be covered by the Soros Foundation.

Issues for Discussion at the Conference

1. Different approaches to the problems of multicultural education: social approach; approach from the position of human rights; multicultural approach; approach from the position of nationality.

2. Ways of solving national minorities' problems: minorities' integration; solving problems of education on the school level; solving problems of education on the system level.

3. Identifying main strategic directions of activity: multicultural education (programs giving knowledge on history, culture, and basic information on ethnic groups living together in the society whose attention is focused on the value of cultural diversity); intercultural education (programs for children studying in the same school or class, aimed to assist the development of mutual understanding and respect); education for minorities (programs giving knowledge of the language, culture and history for minorities' children, strengthening their self-respect and self-consciousness, bilingual programs, programs for teaching in the mother tongue of minorities).

Those who are interested in the conference are encouraged to send their application forms and theses of the reports to Galina Kuznetsova, 117-20, Furmanova St., 480091 Almaty, Kazakhstan. E-mail:

The deadline for the applications is April 20, 2000. After April 25, the applicants will be informed about their participation in the conference.

Last updated:    April 2000

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