International Conference

Problems of Modern Science and Education

June 27, 2001 - July 4, 2001

The Ukrainian Association "Women in science and education", the Kharkov National University named after V. N. Karazin, the Kerch Marine Technological Institute (KMTI), the Krimean industrial and pedagogical institute are initiators of the international interdisciplinary scientific conference "Modern problems of science and education" with aim to discuss urgent problems of science and education in their interdependence and mutual influence and to define possible ways of their solution.

Working languages of the conference - Ukrainian, Russian, English.

The following measures are planned in the limits of the conference:

S e c t i o n s:

1. Modern problems of science:

      modern problems of fundamental and applied scientific research;

      scientific and technical activities: problems of integrating scientific research, technique, production;

      urgent problems of complex interdisciplinary scientific research;

      problems of medicine and pharmacology particularities of developing the humanities at a modern stage;

      problems of social-ecological and economical research;

      prognostication of developing science and technique in a new century.

2. Modern problems of education:

      modern reform of education: peculiarities of different models; pluses and minuses;

      problems of uninterrupted and multistage education;

      methodical procurement of educational process;

      correlation of the courses of physical-mathematical cycle and a humanitarian cycle while training specialists of different profiles;

      module teaching;

      scientific personnel training at a modern stage;

      peculiarities of technical education;

      ecological education;

      distance education - modern state and prospects;

      humanitarian education.

3. Information technologies:

  computer information-controlling systems in scientific research, education and public health;

    INTERNET-technologies in science and education;

      mathematical and imitational modeling in scientific research;

      computer teaching programs - problems of creation, spreading and introduction;

      medical and psychological aspects of using information technologies in science and education.

     4.Problems of enlightening activities as an integral part of the science, education and upbringing system:

        questions of popularizing the science achievements;

        role of workers of science and education in enlightening a society;

        popularization of knowledge about culture and history of your land is a foundation of patriotic upbringing;

5. Role of social organization in solving problems of science and education

                    R o u n d    t a b l e s:

            1. "I" and "We" in a modern society.                        

            2. Music, mathematics, language.

            3. Gender problems - myth or reality.

Respected colleagues!

For taking part in the conference one produce an application and conference participant membership dues no later than March 15, 2001.  Conference dues for each participant amount to 40 grv. to the Organizational Committee (for the UAZHNO members who gave the membership dues for 2000 - 20 grv.). For publication of the report theses one must submit a text of theses to the Organizational Committee not later than May 15, 2001 in one of the working languages of conference. The theses are planned to edit by the beginning of the conference and to include in a complete set of the conference materials which will be given to every participant of the conference who pays his or her membership dues. After ending the conference a publication of the reports of the conference participants is planned.

The membership dues of the conference participant can be transferred to a pay-roll account № 2600530114612 in a Kiev district brand of c. Kharkov AKB "Ukrsotsbank", MFO 351298, code 25859657, purpose of payment: membership dues of the conference participant (or a voluntary donation), or to pay directly at the Organizational Committee while presenting an application.

The Organizational Committee whereabouts: the Ukrainian Association "Women in science and Education", squ. Svobode, 4, Kharkov, National University named after V. N. Karazin, c. Kharkov, 61077, Ukraine. Telephone (0572) 45-75-17 - Makarova Yelena Alexanlrovna, Bessonny Vitaly Leonidovich; (0572) 45-73-62 - Markova Tatyana Alexeyevna; (0572) 24-10-33 - Gernet Nadezhda Dmitriyevna. E-mail:


Claim for participating in the conference must contain following information:

1.      Family name, name, patronymic:

2.      Place of work (complete name of the organization, full mail address), telephone, fax, E-mail:

3.      Post:

4.      Degree:

5.      Academic status:

6.      Contacting information (home telephone, address, E-mail, others):

7.      Number of a section and a subsection:

8.      Title of report:

9.      For a child (if it is with you) - its family name, first name, age:

10.  Your wishes:

11.  Date, signature:

Rules of drawing up theses

Theses of reports are represented in two forms: paper and electronic. In a paper form theses are represented in two copies (a 2nd copy is signed by authors) having two full(!) pages by size, that are drawn up in the following way.

Editor: Word for Windows version not lower than 6.00. Size of paper: A4 (210x297 mm). Orientation: bookish. Margins: all 2,5 cm. Print: Times New Roman (Times New Roman Cyr). Size of print: 14 brevier. Indent: indented line (tabulation) 1 cm. Interlinear interval: single. Automatic division in words of the document: insert. Division in titles: exclude. Use onle normal style (ordinary). Do not use other styles.

Disposition on a page. In a left upper corner - UDK. Lower (on a following line) - a title of a report in capital letters, in a half-thick type, aligning by center. On a following line there is a full name of the organization, town, address, telephone, e-mail. Print (type) is italic (italics). Division of words in a name of a report, surnames, names of organizations and addresses is not permitted. Lower (through one line) a text of theses is printed with an indented line. References to literature (if there are some) - in square brackets. On a following page after a text with theses a word Literature is written with an indented line in half-bold type (if there are references). On a following line a list of literature in type of 13 brevier is printed. The text shall be attentively read and checked up by an author. An author himself is responsible for his mistakes.

Electronic variant.

(It is given on a diskette 3,5" or by e-mail: Editor Word for Windows (version not lower than 6.00), file format *.doc or *.rtf. File name: the author's first surname, in English letters (not more than 8 symbols). Indicate the author's surnames and a version of the Word editor on a diskette.

The conference participants lodging is planned in the KMTI hotel (cost of staying is from 10 to 18 grv. per day).

Last updated:    April 2001

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