Conserving Biodiversity of Middle and Low Flows of the Dniester River
November 6-7, 1998
Kishinev, Moldova

"BIOTICA" Ecological Society, a Moldavian NGO, in cooperation with the Icthyological Council affiliated to the Ministry of Environment of Moldova and with the assistance from John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, research scientific fishery plant of Ministry of Agriculture and "Increasing Public Awareness on Environmental Problems" TACIS program is organizing an International Moldavian-Ukrainian scientific conference:

"Conserving Biodiversity of Middle and Low Flows of the Dniester River"

The conference aims to identify problems, and find and coordinate ways of preserving and promoting the sustainable use of biological and landscape diversity in the Dniester basin.

Decision-makers, scientists, experts and NGOs are welcome to attend the conference.


The Conference will be held at the following address: 6 Kosmonautilor street, Kishinev, Moldova


Participants do not have to pay a fee to attend. Travel expenses can not be reimbursed.


The conference proceedings ( each presentation should not exceed 3 single-spaced, 12-points font pages ) will be published in the original language by the time conference opens. The texts submitted for being included in the proceedings should be in Russian, English or official languages of the participating countries and should contain:

The paper should be submitted in electronic format, Word 6.0/7.0 compatible and should be delivered on 3.5" diskette or via e-mail to Submitting the conventional ( paper ) version along with the electronic will be appreciated. The materials will be published "as is", therefore the Organizing Committee requests the participants to be careful and thorough while writing their presentations; it also kindly asks those submitting materials to confirm with the Organizing Committee that their materials are received in time.


The deadline for the submission of registration forms (aimed to shape out the final program ) is October 1.

The deadline for submission of a paper is October 10, 1998.


BIOTICA Ecological Society
P.O.Box 570
Kishinev MD-2043 Republic of Moldova
Tel/Fax: +373-2-243274
E-mail: or

Conference Webpage:

Biotica's homepage:


The Organization Committee Chairman:

BIOTICA's Deputy Chairman, Member of Parlaiment of the Republic of Moldova, Dr. Ilya D. Trombitski

Deputy Chairman: Ichtiological Council's Secretary Ion H. Bruma

Secretary: Tatiana S. Siniaeva


International scientific conference:

Conserving biodiversity of Middle and Low flows of the Dniester river

( deadline for the submission is October 1 )

Organizing Committee address:

BIOTICA Ecological Society
P.O.Box 570 Kishinev MD-2043 Republic of Moldova
Phone/Fax +373-2-243274

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