"MIROSLAVA", Ukraine Conference

CCSI received the message below via e-mail February 4, 1998

The purposes of the project "Understanding for Democracy" are:

Conference: General Information

The three day conference will include: presentations and reports from various women's and civil society and political organisations, round table discussions, leadership trainings and health trainings, press-conference for mass-media, cultural programs and exhibitions and a special activity for all conference attendees to participate in creating a joint batik-mural for possible exhibition at a future conference.

So far, we have planned seven workshop sessions:
1. Economic and Political Issues
2. Violence and Health
3. Working Together with Other Organisations
4. Working Experiences of NGO's for Women
5. Cultural and Spiritual Issues
6. Ecology
7. Management of NGO's

Proposed Daily Agenda:
9:00 Registration, contacts
10:00 Report Presentations
11:30 Coffee Break
11:50 Report Presentations (continued)
2:00 Lunch
3:00 Round Tables, Group Work, Trainings
4:30 Coffee Break
4:50 Round Table and Group Work Presentations
6:00 End of Conference Day
Optional cultural programs planned for free time in the evenings. On the final day of the conference, we will discuss together our findings from all of the meetings and work at the conference. At this time, we will work together to create a batik mural that will demonstrate, without the barrier of different languages, our joint results and understanding of each other through our conference experiences. We plan to photograph our drawing in order to publish it in a future issue of our journal.

The conference will span three working days October 9, 10, 11 of 1998. Planned participants - 80 (approximately 40 from Kharkiv and Ukraine and 40 from other countries). Information about the conference will be distributed through a magazine 'Women and Earth' and sister-organisations.

Application deadline for conference participants: September 1,1998.

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