Infomercials: Form and Function

Infomercials: Form and Function will be a three-day comprehensive training for representatives of NGO managers from a variety of fields, The Eurasia Foundation NGO Resource Centers, and TV media specialists. The training program will focus on the collaborative development and use of infomercials. American and Russian trainers will focus on infomercial production, the unlimited marketing and educational potential of the infomercial, and collaborative strategies for NGOs. Participants will also discuss critical issues for both NGOs and mass media, as well as how to build an effective post-crisis partnership.

The overall goal of the training will be to demonstrate how infomercials can be utilized by NGOs to increase public awareness of an issue or service, to develop local philanthropic efforts, and to generate revenue for non-profit organizations. Infomercials: Forms and Function is designed as a highly participatory and interactive seminar, which will emphasize small group work and one-on-one work with the instructors.

The workshop will take place in Barnaul from January 18 to January 20,1999 for the Russian Far East, and January 22 to January 24, 1999 for Central Russia and Siberia. This training workshop is sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development, through the Eurasia Foundation.

Please apply with a local media representative. For assistance in identifying a media partner, please contact Magee Womancare International office in Moscow.

All costs associated with travel, accommodations, and meals will be covered by Magee Womancare International.

Participants in this interactive workshop will be selected through an open competition.

Criteria for participation:

For more information please contact our office in Moscow a:
phone/fax: 095-918-4331

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