The 8th International Session
on Human Rights Education

December 15-19, 1998
Moscow, Russia

Moscow School of Human Rights, the Centre for Civic Education of the Academy of the Russian Federation for Upgrading Professional Standards and Retraining of Educators together with the Ministry of General and Vocational Education of the Russian Federation, the UNESCO Chair for Human Rights, and the Institute for Democracy of Moscow State Institute of International Relations will conduct the 8th International Session on "Human Rights, Culture of Peace - Contents and Methods of Education" in Moscow.

This session is intended for secondary schools teachers, professors, instructors on social sciences, lecturers, managers of educational institutions, NGOs representatives in order to prepare them for lecturing in issues related to human rights, civic education, democracy and peace. Famous Russian and foreign specialists in the sphere of law, political science, pedagogy, etc., representing the UN Centre for Human Rights, the UNESCO Bureau in Moscow, the Committee on the Rights of the Child, the International Committee of the Red Cross, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, the Presidential Commission on Human Rights and other organizations participate in this event.

Topics for discussion include:

The participants will visit high schools, secondary schools which have the status of federal experimental laboratories both in Moscow and the Moscow region. They will get acquainted with work of the teachers and visit classes. The winners of the National Competition of Students' Papers on the topic of "Human Rights and the Future of Russia" will be announced (the Competition was held in accordance with the Decree # 111-rp of the President of Russia of April 4, 1998 to commemorate the Year of Human Rights in the Russian Federation).

Oraganizations and individuals are invited to participate. The session is financed by the TACIS Democracy Program under the joint project "Human Rights Education in Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation". Training and literature are free for the participants.

DEADLINE: Applications are accepted until November 15, 1998.

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