Volunteer at the International Language Summer School


Linguistic Gymnasia in Zelenogorsk, a town in Krasnoyarsk region, Central Siberia is
searching for teachers - native English speakers - and students, who would
volunteer to participate in the International Language Summer School, which
will take place in June 1999.

The International Language Summer School is organized by Linguistic
Gymnasia # 164 and the Department of Education of the city of Zelenogorsk.
Since 1995 until 1997 it was held on the campus of the regional Cosmonautic
School situated in the picturesque woods area outside Zelenogorsk.  In
August 1998 the Summer Language School was based in the sanatorium on the
Obskoe Sea shore, outside the city of Novosibirsk.  This year the 5th
International Summer Language School will take place in the same suburban
area of the city of Novosibirsk for two weeks in the end of June -
beginning of July.  The School will be housed in the sanatorium, which
provides comfortable rooms, classrooms, good food, nice recreational

The participants of the International Summer Language School are the best
students of Linguistic Gymnasia and other schools of Zelenogorsk, who are
keen on the English language and culture, and have passed complicated
entrance exams.  Each year we host delegations from abroad.  Since 1995
students and teachers from the United States, Great Britain and Poland have
participated in the Summer School.

Our aim is to help students realize their full potential, thereby educating
the whole person.  The School provides a professional and friendly
atmosphere in which students find it easy to improve their English.  Every
morning the students have specialized classes based on the curriculum and
the theme of the Summer School, which include language games, discussion
sessions, world culture, press-club, etc.  We employ the best teachers from
Linguistic Gymnasia and foreign educators, who work on voluntary basis.
Students are encouraged to undertake projects and make presentations, so
within the program all the students have the choice of individual research
work under the teacher's supervision, which results in the creative defense
of the projects on the last School day.  Presentations are video-taped so
that students can analyze their own and each other's performance and
improve their skills.

All foreign participants are encouraged to make presentations of their cultures.  Besides, we offer several tours of the city of Novosibirsk, including main city cites,
museums, art gallery, Academic city (scientific center of Siberia) and a
bout tour on the river.

If you think that you or any of your teachers (or students!)  could get
interested in participating in the Summer School this year, please let me
know.  I will be happy to provide more detailed information that I have and
answer any questions regarding the work of School, classes, curriculum,
program, activities, accommodation, etc.

If a teacher comes to participate in the School, he/she will have to work
out the program for his/her classes.  We can discuss this in detail after
he/she has confirmed their coming and participating.  We will provide
accommodation, food, cultural program, excursions to the city of
Novosibirsk, transfers.  There is no charge for that.  The teacher pays the
airfare to get to Novosibirsk and return.  Students from any countries are
welcome to participate and be a part of international classes.  The fee for
students participation is 170 US dollars per person for a two-week program
which includes accommodation in the sanatorium, food, transfers, tuition
and activities at School, cultural program, excursions to the city of
Novosibirsk (sightseeing, museums, art galleries, Academic city - the
largest scientific center in Siberia, a boat tour).

We have not worked out the exact time framing for the School yet, but most
likely it will take place during the last week(ten days of June) - the
beginning of July.  The School lasts for two weeks.  If you're
interested, please be free to ask any questions and I will provide you more
information and a detailed every day program.

Contact: Natasha                         
Assistant Principal of Linguistic Gymnasia

Last updated:    April 22, 1999

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