"Forest Pollution: New Work in the Evaluation of Risk
and Perspectives for the Future"
June 24-28, 1998 in Kiev

Harvard University, the International Union of Radiation Ecology, and the Institute of Radiation Ecologists will hold a conference on the topic of "Forest Pollution: New Work in the Evaluation of Risk and Perspectives for the Future," June 24-28, 1998 in Kiev. The conference is one of a series of symposiums on research sponsored by NATO. The conference will focus on crucial issues connected with heavy metal and radiation contamination in forests, including forest management, methods of preventing pollution, and evaluation of negative impacts on forest ecosystems. Additionally, conference participants will discuss long term strategies for work with contaminated forests in the future. Conference proceedings and activities will be conducted in English. Some financial assistance for registration costs is available upon request.

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Contact Information:

Yurii Kutlakhmedov, Kiev State University: email@boox.freenet.kiev.ua or

Igor Linkov, Harvard University: linkov@phys4.harvard.edu

Source: Bulletin #30 published by the ISAR office in Kyiv. For more information about the Bulletin contact: ISAR@ISAR.FREENET.KIEV.UA

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