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Woman and Earth Global Eco-Network, formerly Woman and Russia, the first women's/ecological NGO in Russia, started in 1979 by Tatyana Mamonova, exiled founder of the Russian women's movement, is pleased to announce and to invite your participation in our International Women's/Ecological Conference: "Women: Personal is Political, Local is Global." The Conference will be held at Pribaltiyskaya Hotel, St. Petersburg, Russia, 8-10 December 1997.

The Conference is focused on the position of women and ecological health in Russia and in the world today and aims at providing empowerment strategies for women leaders to bring back to their local commuities. There will be lectures, workshops, demonstrations in holistic health, networking reception, film festival, musical performances, art exhibition, women's dance, expo and much more. Subjects covered include, women in economic development, women in business, women in politics, women and ecology, women and health, women and violence, women and media, women in literature, goddess spirituality, women and technology and women and human rights.

Hundreds of women from more than 15 countries are expected. There are lots of opportunities for speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and participants. Please post this information and share this news with others.

Woman and Earth is sponsoring this Conference and the attendance (registration coverage) of Russian/CIS/NIS women through its registration fees from non-Russian participants and from its "Adopt a Russian Sister Program, where for a donation of $150 per Russian woman, an individual or organization can co-operate with Woman and Earth to support Russian women's participation.

Our film festival is being hosted by SWAN, an ecological women and arts organization based in Sydney Australia. Some of the features of our film festival inlclude, "Marilyn Waring on Sex, Lies and Global Economics" submitted by tha Canadian National Film Board, "Battered", the award winning documentary directed by American actress turned documentary filmmaker, Lee Grant, and "Peace Train to Beijing", produced for International League for Peace and Freedom by Green Valley Productions.

For more information, see the Woman and Earth Global-Eco Network web site.

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