"Local Community as a Base of Self-Government"
Conference in Donetsk, Ukraine

October 8-11, 1998

The Youth Center for Legal Studies and the Economics and Law Faculties, Donetsk State University, have the honor to invite you to participate in the Seminar "LOCAL COMMUNITY AS A BASE OF SELF-GOVERNMENT" to be held in Donetsk (Ukraine) on October 8-11, 1998 with the financial support of the International Renaissance Foundation.

ELIGIBILITY: Representatives of local self-government bodies, NGO activists, researchers, and neighbourhood group representatives from Ukraine and Eastern European countries. Participants from Western Europe are invited, too, but will have to pay their own travel expences.

WORKING LANGUAGES: Ukrainian, English, Russian. English-Russian translation will be provided.


For example, the report of a Polish participant could touch problems of the right of local community to manage municipal property in Poland, negative aspects of enforcement of this right and positive experience worth implementing in Ukraine.


  1. Constitutional right of citizens to local self- government in Constitutions of Eastern European countries.
  2. Determination of legal status of local communities.
  3. Real enforcement machineries of citizen's rights to Local self-government.
  4. Forms of people's participation in state government.
  5. Right to manage municipal property, corporate rights of communities, other rights.
  6. Charter of community: is it needed? Content of City Charter, Village Charter, etc.
  7. Creation of effective community (legislative guarantees, role of state agencies and NGOs in organization of communities).
  8. Problems of adjustment of western standards in current Ukrainian conditions.

REIMBURSEMENT OF EXPENSES: Candidates selected will receive an invitation letter from the Youth Center for Legal Studies. Selected participants then have to apply to their local Soros Foundation for travel expenses. As noted, participants from outside the region will have to pay their travel expenses themselves. Board and lodging expenses will be covered by organizers.

DEADLINE: The application must be completed in English, Ukrainian, or Russian and returned to the Youth Center for Legal Studies on or before SEPTEMBER 10th, 1998


Youth Center for Legal Studies
Cheluskintsev 198a, #539
340015 Donetsk, Ukraine
Fax: (380 622) 55 85 79
E-mail: ycls@elf.donetsk.ua

Contact person: Tatiana Kiselyova, Director


1. Name (last mame, first name, middle name):

2. Date and place of birth:

3. Education (University, faculty, degree):

4. Current occupation:

5. Languages spoken:

6. Contact address:

6.1. Office address (mailing address, tel., fax, e-mail)
6.2. Home address (mailing address, tel.)
6.3. your correspondence should be send to your Office or Home Address

7. Area of research:

8. Publications:

9. What experience do you have in area of local self government

10. Describe briefly your proposal for presentation (not more than 5 000 words)

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