Conference: "Culture of Non-Violence Is the Future of Humanity"


This scientific and practical conference will be held from September 27-30, 1999 at the Academy for Upgrading Professional Standards and Retraining of Educators, Moscow, Russia.

The intention of the conference is to attract the attention of both the Russian and international public, pedagogues, and the media to some problems of the culture of non-violence during the time of childhood on the threshold of the 21st century.

The scientific program of the Conference will include speeches of known scientists in the sphere of humanitarian education, pedagogy and the psychology of non-violence, upbringing, and the law.

The scientific program of the Conference will be accompanied by plenary lectures, sectional works, round-table discussions, outdoor studies, and social events.

* Problems of humanitarian education on the threshold of the 21st century
* Culture of peace and human rights
* Psychology and pedagogy of non-violence in theory and practice
* Non-violence in pedagogy, psychology, philosophy, religion
* Problems of the culture of non-violence in political, legal, economic, spiritual, public and human spheres of social sciences
* Culture of peace and questions of politics and law
* Pedagogue in space of childhood: problems of non-violence
* Values and purposes of teaching activities
* Perspectives of non-violence and forms of work with children
* Integration of children of different social, national and different age groups
* Diagnostics of non-violent interaction
* Realisation of non-violent ideas (Organisation of new practice)

The official languages are Russian and English.

An exhibition of literature about problems of non-violence will be organised. A number of social events and excursions are also planned.

Accommodation will be arranged in the hotel of the Academy. Organisational dues are $300 (including registration, meal, accommodation and participation in the conference). Please send application forms to:

Academy for Upgrading Professional Standards and Retraining of Educators
Building 2, Golovinskoye shosse 8
Moscow 125212, Russia
Fax: 452-16-60

Last updated:    May 1999

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