"The Outlook for Freedom and Privacy on the Internet
in Central and Eastern Europe"

September 4-6 1998 (tentative)
Budapest, Hungary

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In September 1998 the Global Internet Liberty Campaign (GILC) will sponsor the first comprehensive conference on Internet Freedom of Expression and Privacy in Central and Eastern Europe. The conference will bring together human rights organizations and other NGOs, leading members of the growing Internet industry in the region, and government representatives. The goal of this conference is to identify threats to human rights online, explore public policy solutions which support basic freedom of expression and privacy, and to build common cause between NGOs and the emerging Internet industry.

Speakers will include experts from Eastern and Western Europe, as well as North America and will structured to maximize the participation of the Eastern European participants.

Day 0: Tutorials-Coordinated by Patrick Ball of the American Association for Advancement of Science

Day 1: Censorship & Media Regulation

Day 2: Internet Access, Electronic Surveillance & Potential For NGO Impact on Public Policy Debates

Steering Committee
The conference program will be set by a steering committee comprised of NGOs, Internet experts from the CEE and around the world, academics, and industry representatives.

American Civil Liberties Union
Center for Democracy and Technology
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Hungarian Human Rights Information and Documentation Centre (tentative)
Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (tentative)

Open Society Institute

Note: For move information on attendance contact Barry Steinhardt using the information provided above.

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