Environmental NGOs in the Caspian, May 2000


Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Caspian Sea region
has gained economic, political as well as environmental significance.  
The environmental non-governmental organizations that have emerged
and presently operate in the Caspian region (Russia, Kazakhstan,
Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Iran) address issues resulting from the
past decade's neglect of environmental issues in the sea's basin.  
At Columbia University's Caspian Project, we plan to organize a
conference providing a forum for representatives of various
environmental NGOs in the Caspian region to discuss the role of these
organizations and their contribution to the building of a civil
society in their states.  It is anticipated that the conference will
be held early May 2000.

If interested, please email an abstract by January 31, 2000 to:

Pardis Minuchehr (pm50@columbia.edu)


Peter Sinnott (pjs7@columbia.edu) 

Last updated:    January 2000

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