Bridges for Education International Conversational English Language Camps


Bridges for Education is a not for profit educational organization incorporated through the New York State Education Department. It was founded in 1994 and has state and federal tax exempt status. It is not a religious or ethnic organization. It receives no government funding. BFE teachers are volunteers who pay their own airfare and BFE administrative expenses. They receive free room and board, a modest stipend, and one week of travel in the host country for their volunteer work.

Cluj, Romania
July 25- Aug. 13, 1999
cost: $250, incl. room (students 4 to a room), board, supplies, lessons
contact: Prof. Constantin Raduta
tel: 40-64-197021 or 40-64-192817
fax: 64-190278

Lake Valencia, Hungary
July 10- July 25
cost: $220 (students 4 to a room)
contact: Annar Gyula
tel: 361-370-20-61
fax: 3695-290

There will be 6 camps in Poland for teenagers 14-18. All BFE camps in Poland will begin July 5th except for the camp in Pulawy which will commence July 25th.
cost: $300/3weeks, incl. room, board, weekend activities, lessons
contact: Wieslaw Smyrgala
fax: 48-81-886-39-36 or 8879-768

Minsk, Belarus
July 5- July 25
cost: $250
contact: Alexander Karankevich
fax: 375-17-255-21-21

Palanga, Lithuania
July 5- July 15
cost: $300
contact: Laima Juozeitiene
Lithuanian Youth and Tourism Center
Ministry of Education
Filaretu, 17 2007
Vilnius, Lithuania
tel: 3702-25-45-85
fax: 3702-22-01-49
email: or

All facilites used by BFE are clean and modernized. BFE inspects all facilities. Check our webpages at:

Students from Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Moldova, Romania, Lithuania, Georgia, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Kakakstan, Krzygikstan, and Hungary have already signed up.

**All international teachers who accompany each group of ten to the BFE camps in any country are not charged tuition but must pay for their transportation.

Mrs J.Beth Ciesielski
Executive Director & Founder
94 Lamarck Drive
Buffalo, NY 14226
Tel (716) 839 0180
Fax (716) 839 9493 - USA - Europe

Last updated:    June 1999

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