International Scientific Conference
"Global and Local Socio-Economic Processes in the North"
Apatity, Russia, March 18-21, 1999

First announcement and call for papers


Institute for Economic Problems KSC RAS (Apatity), Department of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow), the Council for labour forces allocation and economic co-operation (Moscow), the International Academy of Regional Development and Cooperation (Moscow), the regional association «North-West» and the administration of Murmansk region. The International Organising Committee has been established. It consists of the representatives from Canada (McGill Univ.), Denmark (Roskilde Univ.), Finland (Lapland Univ., TARPI, Helsinki Univ.), Norway (Tromsoe Univ.), Sweden (Umea Univ.).

Goal and topics:

The goal of the conference is to discuss and analyze the issues of socio-economic development of northern regions in the context of globalization and regionalization trends, their impact on local processes.

The idea to organize the conference is connected with the need to have a closer interaction and exchange of opinions among scientists under the conditions of the becoming increasingly stronger globalization process. It is obvious that such a process creates both new challenges for some regions and new possibilities for development. Consequences of global economic, political and ecological impact on northern regions have their own peculiarities. It is mainly connected with the remoteness from economic centres, high dependence of the economy upon natural resources and other economic and geographical peculiarities of the North. The deep system transformation and total crisis are additional factors influencing the globalization process in the Russian North. The issues of regionalization in the North, integration of local economy into the world market also need to be discussed.

The Institute for Economic Problems KSC RAS has already organized two international scientific conferences in 1992 and 1996 where a broad range of socio-economic problems in the North was discussed. It is expected that the Conference 1999 will expand international links connected Russian and Western scientists.

At present the Institute participates in the international UNESCO MOST («Management of Social Transformations») CCPP (Circumpolar Coping Processes Project). The topic of the planned Conference is close to the orientation of the project. In the framework of the conference the planning meeting and workshop of MOST CCPP will be organised.

The conference will consist of plenary sessions with invited keynote speakers and workshops for . Tentative topics for the workshops are the following:


Researchers and representatives of regional governments, local authorities and NGOs are invited to the conference.


Please register before December 25, 1998. Participants who want to contribute to the conference are invited to submit an abstract of their papers in English or in Russian not more than 500 words.

A conference fee (cash upon registration) is 120 $ including expenses on conference documents, coffee, lunches.

Preliminary Program

Wednesday March 17

Thursday March 18
    9.30 Registration
    10.00 Opening and plenary speeches
    13.00 Lunch
    14.30 Plenary speeches
Friday March 19
    10.0 - Parallel sessions
    13.0 Lunch
    14.30 Parallel sessions
    19.00 Conference dinner
Saturday March 20
    10.00 Parallel sessions
    13.00 Lunch
    14.30 Concluding plenary session
    18.00 Planning meeting of MOST CCPP steering committee
Sunday March 21
    10.00 Continuation of the MOST CCP-project workshop
    Cultural program

International flight time-table (Murmansk airport)
Departures                                Arrivals
Tromsoe	SU 799	1	14.00	14.00	SU 800	14.30	18.10
Tromsoe	BU 543	5	15.55	15.05	BU 542	12.10	15.20
Kirkenes	WF 602	1,3	17.45	16.25	WF 601	14.35	17.15
Lulea	SU 795	1,3,6	11.10	11.40	SU 796	12.55	17.40
Rovaniemi	SU 795	1,3,6	11.10	11.25	SU 796	15.25	17.40
Oslo	BU 543	5	15.55	17.45	BU 542	08.45	15.20
Transportation from the airport will be arranged by the Institute for Economic Problems


For more information and registration please contact:
Professor Gennady Luzin - head of local organizing committee.
Dr. Vladimir Didyk - coordinator
Tel: + 7 (815 55) 74844; + 7 (815 55) 79461
Fax: + 7 (815 55) 74844; + 47 789 14070

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