AHALAR Center International Summer Camp

PO Box 69
Chernigov 250 000
Tel: 380-4622-72776
Fax: 380-4622-72776
Email: ahalar@cinet.cn.ua
Web: http://ahalar.cn.ua
Contact: Yuriy Trofimenko - Executive Director, Yuriy Usovich - Manager Information Department

Program Information

July 20-30. Participants – youth, 17-22 years old.

Here you will not be taught leadership, team building and management skills, which are so ‘close’ to our hearts. We will just live a friendly and gay life, simultaneously grasping know-how of reaching goals.   You will also participate in a wide range of  trainings, games, programs, and discussions with trainers and participants.

August 1-10. Participants – youth, 14-16 years old.

This part of school is devoted to Ancient History of Slavonic Tribes. Together with you we are planning to recreate the atmosphere of Slavonic communities, times of  the Prophet Oleg,  and their traditions and customs. You will get chance to master ancient arts, learn about  the healing qualities of herbs and many other things.

A doctor is at the camp to take care of your health and security is present to maintain the safety of campers. 

Besides all together we will keep to the following rules:

To participate in the camp you should send us filled application form to the address ahalar@ahalar.cn.ua. You may also call us (04622)-7-27-76 and we will send it to you by fax.

Deadline: June 15th, 2001.  Those accepted will be notified before July 1, 2001.

Participation costs - 30$ (including traveling from Chernigov to the camp and back). You will also have unique the opportunity of visiting historical places of ancient Chernigov after the camp. Cost of excursion trip included in the cost of participation!


Last updated:    April 2001

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