The Azerbaijan Pages


A major source is...

"The Azerbaijani Turks - Power and Identity under Russian Rule"

by: Audrey L Altstadt
ISBN: 0-8179-9181-6
$38.95 (hardback)
$18.95 (paperback)
From: Hoover Institution Press
Stanford University
Stanford CA 94305-6010
Tel: 415 723 3373
Fax: 415 723 1687

One source which has been recommended is:

The Memoirs of General Ali-Akbar Derakshani

described as "one of the most significant figures in the Azerbaijan Crisis of 1945".

Please note that this title is in Persian!

The Iranbooks Home Page may also be of interest.

Iranbooks Inc is at:

8014 Old Georgetown Road
MD 20814

Tel: (301) 986-0079
Fax: (301) 907-8707

For recent history relating to the conflict over Nagorno Karabakh, see

"Azerbaijan - seven years of conflict in Nagorno Karabakh"

Published by Human Rights Watch / Helsinki.
For the 19th Century, see...

"Turks and Tartars"

- an exhibit of the Interactive History Project, which includes some GIF images of 19th century Baku.


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