The Azerbaijan Pages

General Information

For general information about Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Iran go to the CIA's World Factbook 1995

For current news from Azerbaijan, email the Azerbaijan Aydinlig Association at and ask to receive the TURAN news reports.

There is an Internet listserv discussion group on wider Central Asian issues, which you can join by sending email with the words "subscribe Cenasia" followed by your real name (not your email address) to Note - This is an automatic system. It's no use sending it any message other than "subscribe..."

The World Wide Web Virtual Library site keeps track of leading information facilities for the Azerbaijan section of the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library. (Australian National University, Canberra). Correspondence about this site should be addressed to (T Matthew Ciolek).

There is also a World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Russian and East European Studies Web site which provides a lot of useful general information for those interested in the Former Soviet Union (not specifically Azerbaijan).

For basic information and coffee-table book graphics about the Azerbaijani provinces of Iran, Iran Zamin is the place to look. This is a graphics-intensive site, and therefore it can be slow.

The Iranbooks site may also be of interest. (There are more details of Iranbooks in the History section).


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