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Nofal Rzayev's home page"

An excellent new Web page about Azerbaijan, with special reference to the Economy, Oil and Gas industries, and the effect of Section 907 of the US Freedom Support Act.

World Bank

There is a 1993 World Bank Country Study called "Azerbaijan - From Crisis to Sustained Growth", which is available from World Bank Publications distributors. (See below under "How to order...").

International Monetary Fund

US Department of Commerce

If you are in America or the former Soviet Union (NIS), you can access the US Dept. of Commerce's BISNIS Web pages, for those who do business in the Newly Independent States. Unfortunately, users from other parts of the World cannot access these pages. (Because we are based in the UK, this makes it difficult for us to check the function or usefulness of the following links - feedback from US/NIS users would be appreciated).


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