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Can be used via Internet or e-mail (see below).

The World Wide Web is the hottest place to be on the Internet nowadays. Use of the Web is doubling every four months or less. Among the information providers on the Web you will find newspapers and magazines, multinational corporations, governments and just plain folks. This year, for example, the U.S. Congress intends to make the full text of every piece of legislation available for reading via the World Wide Web at no cost.

Using the Web requires what is called a "browser" software program, which can reside either on your computer or on the remote computer to which you're connected. Some Internet experts have said that the Web is open only to those who have a high-speed, direct connection to the Internet - but this is not correct. It is true that a high-speed link is required to receive audio and video over the Web in a timely fashion, but if you're satisfied with receiving text, you can use the Lynx or CERN browser program made available by most access providers. Some programs, such as Slipknot or The Internet Adapter, let you receive graphics without a high-speed connection.

Some of the more advanced Web browser programs are Netscape, Mosaic, NetCruiser and Cello. Some computer operating systems, such as IBM OS/2 Warp and Microsoft Windows 95, include browser programs as part of the software package.

It's possible to use telnet to connect with or, then use the Lynx program on those computers to cruise the Web.

It's also possible to retrieve Web files even if you are capable of nothing more than sending e-mail. To retrieve a Web file via e-mail: send your message to The message should read: SEND [URL] , where [URL] stands for the uniform resource locator of the desired file. The file you receive will contain additional URLs that you can use to eventually get the desired information. To receive a copy of Singapore's plan for IT2000, for example, you would send the message "SEND" to the address listed above. This technique works with URLs for gopher and FTP information as well.

Asahi Net

This is a gateway to information and archives of the Asahi Shimbun and other publications. Database searching is available for a fee. The first address is the Japanese "home page," and the second address is an English-language index.

Asia One

This is the Internet home of Singapore Press Holdings, with links to information about SPH publications and services as well as outlets to the Net world at large.

** Asia Online

This site is so good it deserves two asterisks. Links to other information sources throughout Asia as well as information about business, investment, shopping... The Asia Internet Report and Asia in Cyberspace are particularly notable. Either of the listings above will get you there.

* Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library

Another large list of resources throughout Asia, much of which is organized by country. Maintained by Australian National University.


Web version of the weekly newsmagazine about Asia affairs, offered as part of Time Warner's Pathfinder service. One interesting feature is a "Newsmap": Click on the area of the map you want to read about.

Center for Global Communications (Japan)

Japanese perspectives on information development, politics and foreign policy.


The birthplace of the World Wide Web site, with lots of advice on how to use it and where to go in cyberspace.

China Business Journal

Samples of the daily publication about business relations with China. This site keeps back copies in searchable form. Current copies of the journal are delivered via e-mail. Cost is $90 for a three-month subscription.

China Home Page

Scientific, technical and business information about China, provided courtesy of the Institute of High Energy Physics in Beijing.

China Internet Corp.

This gateway is operated by a Hong Kong-based company backed by China's official Xinhua News Agency. This site is particularly interesting because it allows you to send an inquiry to businesses by e-mail or fax from your computer.


The entry point for the Internet into China, with links to virtually all of China's Web sites.

China News Digest

Web version of the China News Digest.

Daily News

Worldwide selection of news sources accessible over the Internet.

* Global Network Navigator - Travel Guide to Asia / Pacific

The first listing is yet another large list of Asian resources, classified by country. The second is the same, for Australia and New Zealand.

Gopher Jewels

Web version of Gopher Jewels (see Gopher resources).

Home Page List

Huge worldwide selection of Web "home pages." It is possible to search this directory for a specific topic.

India Home Page

Lots of information about Indian culture and links to other sources.

Indonesia Home Pages

The first site is in Canada, and the second is in Indonesia. Both provide many sources and links related to Indonesia.

* Information from the Prime Minister's Official Residence (Japan)

The Japanese prime minister's office has created an experimental Web site, complete with photos, transcripts of speeches and economic information.

* Newslink

It's futile to list all the Asia-Pacific newspapers on the Web - the number is growing so fast. So here are links to a service that keeps track of all Web publications. The first link provides a list of newspapers in Asia, and the second one gives you a list of publications in Oceania (Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the Pacific).

Public Radio News (Australia)

An experiment in distributing radio news via the World Wide Web.

Radio Japan (NHK)

Information and timetables relating to Radio Japan's shortwave service.

RAND Abstracts

Allows computer users to search by keyword or author through the abstracts of the RAND policy center, and if desired place an order for publications.

Royal Society of New Zealand

Allows computer users to search the news feed of the New Zealand Press Association by keyword.

Russia Plus Media

A selection of Web sites relating to the former Soviet Union and electronic publishing, with links to Web newspapers and other publications such as Russian Far East Update.

* Tokyo KaleidoScoop

One of the most advanced experiments in electronic news distribution in Asia. Free news items about Japan and relevant world developments. Tended by Keiji Shima, former chairman of NHK.

Singapore IT2000

Singapore's vision of the new age of information.

Stanford University U.S.-Japan Technology Center

Excellent listing of resources related to Japan and U.S.-Japanese economic and political relations.

SunSITE Singapore

Links to many sources of information in Southeast Asia and specifically Singapore, including AMIC and Singapore Press Holdings.

Taiwan Academic Network

This web site at NCTU's Campus Computer Communication Association is accessible in Chinese or English.

Thailand WWW Virtual Library

A great repository of information about Thailand, including Thai computer software and a wealth of information about other countries in Asia.

Tomigaya (Japan)

Very cool Web page -- this gives you an idea of the emerging presentation style for the World Wide Web in Japan.

A Ton of Web Sites

Perhaps the largest collection of World Wide Web sites, classified according to country.

Tung Nan Junior College of Technology WWW Hypermedia Server (Taiwan)

Information about Taiwan's government and politics, unification issues and community information -- you can even download the national anthem.

TWICS (Japan)

TWICS is considered the first Japanese public-access Internet provider. This site has information about the network and its members.

United Nations

The United Nations' Web site.

U.S. Congress

The first site has information on the lower house of the U.S. Congress and its members. The second site is similar, but maintained by the Library of Congress. These sites promise to make texts of legislation available.

Vietnamese Home Pages

Vietnam is quickly becoming a part of the global market as well as the global network. These sites bring together resources and images relating to Vietnam.

The Weekend Independent (Australia)

A fortnightly newspaper, produced in Brisbane by the University of Queensland's Department of Journalism. You can read the current edition or search the newspaper's archives online.

Welcome to the White House

Created by the Clinton administration's staff to provide personal information about the president and vice president as well as links to U.S. government information.

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These sites help you search for additional Web sites by subject keyword or location.

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