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Newsgroup resources for Asia-Pacific journalists

Can be used via Bitnet, UUCP, Internet, Fidonet, depending on system administrator.

On the Internet, "news" does not refer only to proclamations from traditional newsmakers, but also to popular commentary, criticism and gossip traded on electronic bulletin boards known as newsgroups or conferences.

There are more than 4,000 newsgroups that are shared by computer networks around the world, organized by subject. Specialized "newsreader" software programs are used to read and post messages to these newsgroups.

Here are just a few newsgroups that may be particularly relevant for Asian journalists. Some journalists use these bulletin boards to post requests for information or comments from potential sources, to be followed up by e-mail, phone contacts or face-to-face interviews.

alt.chinese.text              About Chinese-language software
alt.chinese.text.big5         About BIG-5 Chinese encoding
alt.culture.indonesia         Indonesian culture and news
alt.culture.karnataka         About India's Karnataka state         Politics on Indian subcontinent
alt.japanese.text             About Japanese-language software
alt.journalism                About journalism                About news media
alt.politics.vietnamese       Governing Vietnam
bit.listserv.pakistan         Pakistan News Service
bit.listserv.seasia-l         Southeast Asia discussion list           About Bangladesh, India, Nepal, etc.
soc.culture.afghanistan       |  These soc.culture
soc.culture.asean             |  groups are for
soc.culture.asian.american    |  general discussion
soc.culture.australian        |  of the specified cultural
soc.culture.bangladesh        |  topics.
soc.culture.china             |
soc.culture.filipino          |
soc.culture.hongkong          |
soc.culture.indian            |
soc.culture.indian.telugu     |
soc.culture.indonesia         |
soc.culture.japan             |
soc.culture.korean            |
soc.culture.malaysia          |
soc.culture.nepal             |       |
soc.culture.pakistan          |
soc.culture.russian           |
soc.culture.singapore         |
soc.culture.soviet            |  (Territory of former Soviet Union)
soc.culture.sri-lanka         |
soc.culture.taiwan            |
soc.culture.tamil             |
soc.culture.thai              |
soc.culture.vietnamese        |
talk.politics.china           Political developments in China

In addition to these globally recognized newsgroups, there are other newsgroups specific to particular countries or regions. Newsgroup beginning with "fj" (for example, are specific to Japan, with discussions generally conducted in Japanese. Other examples of such newsgroup hierarchies include "hk" (for Hong Kong), "relcom" (for Russia), "aus" (for Australia), "chinese" (for Chinese-language discussion), "tw" (for Taiwan), "nz" (for New Zealand) and so on.

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