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Gopher resources for Asia-Pacific journalists

Can be used via Internet or e-mail (see below).

"Gopher" is a menu-driven information system that helps you "go for" all sorts of specialized information. When you connect with a gopher site, you are presented with a list of choices - for example, "Business," "News," "Educational Resources" and so on. When you select a choice and press a button, another set of choices under that category is displayed, until you eventually get to a particular document. You can either read the document on the screen or download it for storage on your own computer.

The following databases are listed by uniform resource locator. To access them in the more traditional way, you just type "gopher" (to use just one of the examples below), and then follow a series of choices, first selecting "Electronic Serials," then "Archive," then "General," then "Business."

To find a gopher server in a particular geographical area, select "Other Gopher and Information Servers." You will be presented with menus of choices that will narrow your search down to the desired area of the world.

Another way to search for gopher resources is by using a method called "Veronica," which is available from a number of gopher servers. Veronica lets you search by keyword for gopher-based information. For information, type "gopher," select "Search Gopherspace: Jughead & Veronica," then read the "Frequently Asked Questions" about how to use these tools.

Gopher menus and files may be retrieved by e-mail, although the procedure is cumbersome. To use gopher via e-mail, send a message to, or It doesn't matter what text the message contains.

It is often preferable to use the e-mail method listed under the heading "World Wide Web," inserting the gopher address as the URL.

Americans Communicating Electronically

Information relating to policy issues such as the North American Free Trade Agreement, the National Information Infrastructure, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade.

Asia News

A sampler of a wide variety of publications distributed by e-mail, from Azerbaijan to the U.S. Information Agency's East Asia/Pacific Wireless Files. These publications are at least six months old, but they give a good idea of what's available and perhaps even where to find current issues. The second address has samples of business publications, including Japan Economic Newswire and Finansovaya Izvestia.

* Asian Information

A very comprehensive list of Asian resources available by gopher, with links to other gopher sites around the world.

China News Digest

Gopher version of China News Digest. Comprehensive, well-done digest of items about China, from Chinese as well as foreign sources.

* CIA World Factbook

The first listing is a gopher version of the World Factbook, with data about all the countries in the world collected by the Central Intelligence Agency. The second listing is an alternate way to reach the World Factbook through the U.S. government gopher, with the choice of searching the database by keyword.

Clearinghouse of Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides

A large collection of Internet resources, maintained by the University of Michigan and organized by subject. Don't miss the one about Asia.

* Coombsquest

Gopher version of Coombsquest at the Australian National University, with links to many other sources and searching capability.

Gopher Jewels

A selection of favorite gopher resources, organized by subject.

Institute for Global Communications

News articles relating to activism and development, collected from various sources by the IGC.

Library of Congress Marvel

U.S. Library of Congress' gopher server, with many links to American information sources. The federal government collects a lot of data that may be of use to Asian journalists.

OzPress (Australia)

A collection of news items posted to the soc.culture.australian newsgroup.

Russian Far East Update

Select "Seattle USA White Pages," then "Russian Far East Update" from this gopher menu for subscription information and samples of this monthly newsletter about business and politics on Russia's East Coast.

Simon Fraser University

A number of resources on Asia-Pacific communications and business, organized by the Vancouver university's David See-Chai Lam Centre for International Communication and Management of Technology.

United Nations

Documents, directories and other information from the United Nations. The second listing has the most current information.

* Voice of America

Scripts from the Voice of America's News and English Broadcasts, updated daily and archived for a week. A very wide selection of news from America and all parts of the world.

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