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FTP resources for Asia-Pacific journalists

Can be used via Internet or e-mail (see below).

File transfer protocol, or FTP, is a method to move a file or a series of files from one computer to another over the Internet. "Anonymous FTP" sites make computer files - software and graphics as well as text files - available to anyone who wishes to log in.

It requires some practice to learn how to use anonymous FTP sites, but they can be a valuable resource. What follows is a list of resources particularly relevant to Asian researchers.

The "address" of each site is a uniform resource locator, written in a form usable by browser programs such as Mosaic. To enter the listed site in the traditional way, you would type "ftp" (to use the first example), type in "anonymous" as your log-in, type in your e-mail address as the password, type "cd pub," then type "dir."

If there is a "readme" or "index" file, we advise you to read it. Please consult your favorite Internet reference for instructions on how to retrieve files.

To search for FTP resources, you can use a tool called "archie." If "archie" is not available on your local computer, you can telnet to other computers such as in Australia, in Japan, or in South Korea, in New Zealand or in Taiwan. In each case, the log-in is "archie," and once you have logged in, type the command "help."

For instructions on how to retrieve anonymous FTP files using e-mail, send the message "help" to It may be more efficient, however, to use the technique for file retrieval listed under "World Wide Web."

China News Digest

Digest of news items relating to China and the Chinese community abroad. The digests are compressed and thus must be uncompressed using a Unix command.

* Coombspapers

A large archive of academic papers relating to Asian-Pacific affairs, provided by the Australian National University.

* Frequently Asked Questions

A large archive of "frequently asked questions" gleaned from Usenet newsgroups, ranging from Asian movies to most of the cultural discussions relating to Asian countries. These databases cover hundreds of subjects of interest.

Nautilus Institute

Archive of documents related to Korean issues and East Asian security.

Thai News Agency

Thai-language daily news file, stored in Unix-compressed format.

Taiwan Academic Network / NCTUCCCA

The largest anonymous FTP archive in Taiwan (and possibly in Asia). Lots of computer software and Chinese-language material.

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