The Gateless Gate

E-mail resources for Asia-Pacific journalists

E-mail can be used via Bitnet, UUCP, Internet, Fidonet, since by definition, anyone connected to the global network has e-mail access.

E-mail can be a cheaper and more convenient way to contact faraway sources. E-mail also can be used to distribute publications and facilitate long-term discussions, thanks to a technique known as the list-server or mailing list. When you subscribe to a topical mailing list, you can post messages that go out to everyone whose address is on the subscription list; and conversely, you receive copies of all the messages posted by other subscribers.

To sign up to receive bulletin-board postings, you send a standardized message to a particular e-mail address. If you are using Bitnet rather than an Internet connection, the address may be slightly different. In any case, you will receive an automated message confirming your subscription and giving you further instructions.

This "listserv" technique holds promise as a technique to facilitate news cooperatives, even in areas with very limited access to the global network. News outlets that are members of the cooperative can send selected articles to the mail-server, from which they will be distributed to all members of the cooperative.

Here is a selection of discussion lists and other resources that can be received via e-mail. For each mailing list, we specify the one-line message to be sent for a subscription request (leave off the quotes and put your own name in place of "firstname lastname"). Please note, also, that the address for the subscription request is different from the address for postings to fellow subscribers.