Dear Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Russian Federation Committee for the Press wishes every success to the participants of the "New Media for a New World" conference.

The name of your conference exactly reflects the situation in the Russian media. Russia's revival is not possible without the active development of new information technologies. Russian print media have a vast need for thoroughgoing technical innovation.

Only through the rapid development of new information technologies and the able use of experience in this sphere can the print press be modernized while retaining the national and cultural features of Russian journalism.

The development and maintenance of a common information space requires finding solutions to scores of economic, political, organizational and technological problems. I hope your conference will not only identify these problems but also find ways to solve them. The Russian Federation Committee for the Press is ready to render every support to the development of new information technologies, and hopes for active cooperation with the organizers and participants of the conference "New Media for a New World."

I.D. Laptev, Chairman
Russian Federation Committee for the Press