Joan Herbst Shapiro

83 Wooster Street
New York, New York 10012

Toby Liederman

197 Hawkins Street
City Island, Bronx, New York 10464

For millennia women and nature have been systematically objectified by dominating male governments and businesses, treated as if we were usable resources devoid of vital self-generating autonomy. While this has begun to change, there is still much to be done. How are we as women becoming full actors in the public realm? What are our visions, skills, toos and methods for creating a sustainable, nurturant, cooperative civilization that values biological, cultural and personal diversity? What personal/political experience and knowledge do we bring to this?

As artist activists committed to working for a more balanced way of life, we propose the theme "Putting Yourself in the Picture". We will develop and facilitate three ways of exploring this theme.

One: A provocative visual extravaganza - giant slides of women activists, nature and women's environmental/eco-feminist art works to be projected at teh plenary session.

Two: A responsive group collage mural. A huge paper background will be installed on an accessible wall. Conference participants will be invit4d to contribute written messages, drawings, snapshots or cut out images to this group collage entitled "Putting Yourself in the Picture: Women Working for a Viable World".

Three: A workshop in the form of an open talking circle where as participants we can share stories from our lives, hopes and fears, our personal experience and wisdom. we will use techniques from Quaker Alternatives to Violence Training, indigenous North American people's taling stick council, Joanna Macy's despair and empowerment work and the Council of All Beings created by Macy and John Seed. Participants will support each other to develop personal strategies for carrying on our transformative work.

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