The symposium directors and organizers wish to thank the following organizations and people for their contributions to the success of this project. We hope that we have included everyone and are aware that in the process of transatlantic translation there may be some unfortunate oversights. Bolshoe spasibo!


Marinko-Service Company (Alexander Karpov, General Director)

Olby Concern (Valeriy Grebennikov, Vice-President)

Moscow Export-Import Bank (Sergei Cheremin, Chairman of the Board)

In-kind assistance provided by: Institute of World Economy and International Relations; Politological Center of the Russian Academy of Management; Institute of Geography, Women's Council of the Moscow State University; Center of Independent Ecological Programs, ISAR.

Project Co-director: Natalia Mirovitskaya

General organizational assistance: Olga Romashko, Tamara Abova, Sergey Rogachev, Yury Piskarev, Tatiana Melnikova

Program Committee: Galina Drozdova,Larisa Knyazinskaya, Rimma Vedeneeva

Special assistance: Maria Cherkasova, Boris Kochurov, Boris Revich, Anna Polivanova

Transportation: Ludmila Borovikova, Larisa Mokrushina

Tours: Nina Tarkil

Discussants: Bykova, Olga Yu., Jerebzova Natalia A., Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences; Lukashina, Nina S. et al, Sochi Research Center of the Russian Academy of Science; Shabalina, N.V., Department of Geography, Moscow State University, Russia; Dementieva, Antonina E.; Pushkina, Olga P. Deputy Prosecutor, Moscow, Russia


University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Foundation

UW-Eau Claire Women's Studies

UW System Women's Studies Consortium

UW-Parkside Women's Studies

UW School of Natural Resources

International Federation of University Women

Women for Meaningful Summits

Earlham College

Mershon Center, Ohio State University

The Trust for Mutual Understanding

National Peace Foundation

The New-Land Foundation

The Eurasia Foundation

The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

Project Co-director: Sarah Harder

Program Chair: Barbara Welling Hall

Registration: Anne Statham, Clare Weber

Support Staff: Lisa Stokes, Cynthia Welch, Jennifer McLeod, Rachel Loew

Special Thanks: Earl Rogers, Duluth Travel Agency

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