White House Weaving

This is a hypertext Weaving. It functions as an hypertexted babblebox. Its prime goal in life is to let people share information, their information. You can simply add your own remarks and comments to the documents referenced in this page.

Have a look at this rather short explanation or dash straight into any of the topics outlined below. Each topic is linked to a room. Each room can have other rooms attached to it, so you are encouraged to take any specific discussion with you to a seperate room or document. A sign telling others about this diversion will be left in the main document.

Currently the following room's are availeble. The Playground is there to allow you to do some testing. Feel free to abuse it. It will be swept clean on a regular basis. If you want to add rooms to this house, feel free to create them in the Construction Suite. If there is sufficient interest in any of these room's, then they will be moved, and connected to this central hallway.

Do note that it is easy to construct 'doors' between rooms. If you feel that a subject is both, say, politics and economics, then you can talk about it in one room, and create a door; a hyper-link, in the other room.

General Rooms
  • Culture and Society
  • Health
  • Travel
  • Politics
  • Economics
  • On the toilets:

  • The 10 Weirdest facts on the American Society
  • The 5 Strangest things of Russia
  • The Back-Rooms:

  • Personal Requests
  • Questions and Answers
  • Meanwhile, outside the mansion...:

  • New Constructions
  • Playground
  • As it stands, these rooms are not moderated. You can, of course, abuse this. As usual, your freedom goes as far as it starts interfering with the freedom of some-one else. Any complaints or requests to remove or alter things can be addressed to the maintainers. They keep the right to alter any of the documents here withouth a prior notice, but be so kind to leave your real Email address which each entry, in order to be able to discuss things as grown up people.

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