Weaving Rooms...

This is an experimental hypertext babble-box. It allows you, just like a normal babble-box, Usenet group, or discussion list, to talk about things with other people. Each entry you make, each addition is shared, and can be read by others, commented upon, etc.

New is the hypertext element. Rather than quoting or describing things extensively you can add pointers, hypertext links, to other articles, files, images along with your thougds.

Along with each entry you will find a high-lighted 'But...' buttons. Clicking on any of these will bring you to a fill out form. Therefore you will need NCSA Mosaic version 2.00 to make any active use of this BBS. Passive use, i.e. reading, is always possible.

There are three types of entries. Links, Comments and Diversions.

Some minor rules.

NO inlined images are allowed on this main document; only in the diversions. However you can leave URL links to other documents and images. If this document or file is longer than 100k then the approximate size needs to be stated.

To help commenting on other articles, each contribution has an unique number, which is also incorparated as a label. This allows you to add pointers straight to that part of the document. The file numbers and comment numbers, in the format as they appear to you in the documents, will not change during the lifetime of a particular document. Have a look at the source text (menu option File->View Source in NCSA Mosaic) to see the actual structure of the labels if neccesarry.

Press the BACK button of your Mosaic Client to get back to the last page.