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The free periodical electronic magazine "EcoNews" is published Independent Center of Ecological Information (St. Petersburg) since February 1995. Already 32 issues of magazine were distributed along computer net of FSU "Relcom" on August 1996. The distribution is now provided the list server of St.Petersburg State University

One of the most aims of publishing office is disseminating of actual ecological information concerning St. Petersburg, north-west region of Russia and Baltic countries of FSU as well. We do hope the magazine may be useful for environmentalists, scientists, teachers, student and also other who are interested in current regional and general ecological problems for Russia. We prefer to publish the materials in Russian but use English in the case we have no Russian version of the such article which could be interesting for our readers.

We welcome to collaborate with us anybody who could be able to provide current ecological information. This means that we are ready to systematize and distribute your actual environmental information by INTERNET. In this context, the biggest value has the data concerning concrete projects which may disturb environment for above regions.

We are independent non-profit organization which works as results of joined activities of individuals who are harassed human environment problems. So, we have no possibilities to buy your information. Also, we are not able to be much engaged with editorial work of your papers. Hence, try to diminish any mistakes into them.

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