A. Zaytsev
Technical Director, Glasnet

GlasNet is the first non-profit, non-governmental telecommunications network to be established in the Former Soviet Union. It is a network for people there who have access to electronic communication equipment; typically a personal computer of some kind and a modem. Anyone with access to the Internet or any of the networks listed below can exchange E-mail with GlasNet users.

GlasNet's goal is to offer easy and inexpensive information exchange between diverse groups within the Former Soviet Union, including scientists, educators, cultural groups, journalists, environmentalists, business people, computer enthusiasts, and so forth. It also enables Former Soviet Union groups and individuals to correspond electronically with their counterparts in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. GlasNet is non-profit (revenues are kept equal to expenses), and serves the communication needs of pro bono groups in the Former Soviet Union who could not otherwise afford modern communication services. Charges to GlasNet users in the Former Soviet Union are entirely in rubles, and will be kept as low as possible while maintaining good system services. GlasNet has been operating in Moscow since March of 1991.

GlasNet is a member of the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), a global network-of-networks with host computers in many countries.

Users from many other places in the Former Soviet Union regularly access their GlasNet accounts using long distance calls, GlasNet accounts have been accessed in this way from as far away as Irkutsk and Vladivostok. Access is also available from many Former Soviet Union cities via local calls to Public Data Networks making X.25 connections to GlasNet.

(St.Petersburg, Kiev, Minsk, Almaty, Ekaterinburg, Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, N.Novgorod and 25 another Russian cities) via RosNet, Infotel and TSI X.25 providers.

Services available to GlasNet users now include: electronic mail, fax, electronic conferencing and some on-line services such:

GlasNet provides follow connection types: dial up terminal connection, uucp, ip connection.

GlasNet is going to start WAIS and IRC services to the end of 1994.

GlasNet is taking part in APC actions for ecologists, women movement and another projects for non-government organizations in Russia.

GlasNet keeps its status of the non-profit network and follows its main task - to provide service for progressive communications.

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