Kiev Pilot Network

ISF Project Summary

Viacheslav V. Shkarupin
Managing Director
ISF - Ukraine

1. Objectives

The objective of the project is to provide low cost on-line access to worldwide Internet for the scientific, research and educational communities in Kiev, Ukraine. This goal can be achieved by creating an IP network which would cover the major scientific, educational and industrial centers of the city of Kiev and be robustly linked to the Internet. The above mentioned centers are regarded as clusters of organizations to which Internet access will be provided.

The anticipated result of the project is the creation of a TCP/IP network in Kiev with a number of nodes which will demonstrate the possibilities of on-line communications and provide training of telecommunication specialists capable of further development of the network. This will include initial training of specialists and end-users and dissemination of information about the advantages and possibilities of on-line networking in the scientific and educational communities. Existing networks and networks of organizations will be welcomed to participate in the project.

Simultaneously with setting up the local infrastructure it will be necessary to provide international access to Internet. The implementation of such a link will provide low cost access to Internet resources for several clusters of major scientific, research and educational organizations in Kiev. Dial-in access will be available for end-users from the scientific/educational community and for the general public.

Further development of the infrastructure will lead to a wider spread of the TCP/IP network and will incorporate the major existing networks in Kiev. This will give low-cost access to Internet resources not only to the scientific community but to medical establishments, libraries, high schools, industrial research institutions, etc. Other networks belonging to different organizations will have an incentive to integrate, interconnect and develop.

Another important component in the realization of the project is the research program to be run on the network. It should be targeted at the implementation of new networking technologies and serve as a source for the development of the network both in the sense of viability, and support of its status (professional staffing, technology). The research program will also help to pertain the non-commercial status of the network in future and will serve as an incentive for the government to provide funding for the needs of the network.

2. Realization of the Project

The current project proposes the creation of a full-fledged network for scientific and educational organizations. It includes international access for the Kiev-Pilot network and the creation of the transport infrastructure which will provide international access to the scientific and educational community in Kiev.

At the first stage in order to accelerate the construction of the pilot network in Kiev the project will be realized by joint efforts of ISF and UN. ISF will install the transport infrastructure the UN office in Kiev will provide international access.

The concept of setting up the network is to analyze the distribution of potential users (scientific and educational organizations) in Kiev, to define clusters of their compact location and to provide access to one organization in each cluster. Then access inside clusters for other organizations will be provided by the interested organizations themselves.

TCP/IP backbone in Kiev

The analysis of the distribution of scientific and educational organizations in clearly shows four major clusters:

  1. The Polytechnic Institute
  2. Teremky
  3. Science Avenue
  4. AcademCity


ISF plans to invest $500,000 into the realization of the project.

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