SOVAM TELEPORT: wide range of telecommunication services

[Igor photo]

Igor V. Semenyuk
Leading Expert
SOVAM Teleport

SOVAM TELEPORT provides "turn-key" solutions for creation of private networks and integrating them to the global telecommunication infrastructure via SOVAM-Net. As an authorized distributor of MOTOROLA and Northern Telecom SOVAM offers a wide range of telecommunication equipment including modems, X.25 equipment for these solutions.

SOVAM TELEPORT is a dynamic and forward looking company, which is a sparkling example of a multy-faceted international corporation in the telecommunications field.

SOVAM TELEPORT founders are the leading communication companies of Russia, USA and Great Britain:

In its activities SOVAM TELEPORT uses the advanced telecommunications facilities and technologies. Its SOVAM-Net global packet network has been created using equipment produced by world leading companies. This equipment provides full compatibility with national and foreign packet networks. Access to foreign global networks is provided through cable and sattelite channels. For direct connection with Cable & Wireless Global Digital Highway SOVAM TELEPORT has an earth satellite station in Moscow with high-speed satellite channels to London.

The network nodes of SOVAM-Net which grows constantly are located in many towns of Russia as well as in the majority of former Soviet republics: from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad and from Petrozavodsk to Tashkent. The operation of the network and its equipment is supported by the activities of highly skilled staff which are always ready to consult with and to help customers.

SOVAM TELEPORT has several thousands of customers not only in Russia, but aboard as well. They include major Russian and foreign companies, mass media, state organizations and banks.

In developing co-operation with INTERNET, the biggest global network SOVAM TELEPORT has become the first Russian member of the Commercial Internet eXchange (CIX), which is an association of the major providers of domestic and international telecommunication services.

A new and very inportant stage in the development of SOVAM TELEPORT's "global presence" is participation in the creation of a high speed global telecommunication infrastructure on the base of Cable & Wireless networks and services.

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