Russian province non-profit networking

ISF's Yaroslavl Metropolitan Area Backbone project in coordination with RFFR and State Commettee for Higher Education programs

Alexander I. Rusakov
Yaroslavl State University, Computer Center
E-mail:, alex@ruunicom.bitnet

History of the province non-profit networking is short. New ISF initiatives provide a background for qualitative changes in the information technologies expansion to the various regions of the former USSR.

The realization of ISF initiatives in Yaroslavl became possible because of the existence of the FREEnet/UNICOR regional segment based at the Yaroslavl State University Computer Center.In recent years the activity of our network group in Yaroslavl was supported within several Goskomvuz mission oriented programs (e.g. "Universities of Russia","National Academic DB system for Higher Education of RF ") .

In the winter of 1994 we started the "soft" transformation of the EARN oriented SUYARS node with its NJE services e.g. LISTSERV and NETSERV to full IP campus wide network at the University. The first steps were maid with the use of RAD Trimlink equipment that allowed to install the multiprotocol line to FREEnet/SUEARN/UNICOR node cluster in Moscow with full support of NJE and TCP/IP services.At the fall of 1994 the full internet nodes of University network were installed ,registered as * and * It must be noted that all this was possible only because of the 1994 Telecommunication Grant awarded to Yaroslavl University Computer Center by the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research.

At the same time we started the implementation of Gopher and WWW oriented DB system for the Higher Education monitoring purposes as a part of Goskomvuz national DB program. The first steps were maid in the field of ecological education ( together with Biological Department).

The most ambitious plans of our group are naturally associated with the ISF's Megaproject , started with the Yaroslavl Metropolitan Backbone. It is planned as the pilot project within the Telecommunications program of ISF . One of the main goals of Yaroslavl MAB is to examine the possibility of establishing the CIS wide civic network. The resulting infrastructure is supposed to serve various types of not-for-profit and public interest groups and constituencies such as research, education, media, culture, religion etc. The aim of the project is to achieve, after two years, a level of coverage and penetration approaching the one that exists in the West.

The expected networking service for education, science, culture and other humanitarian spheres is still under discussion. Special attention is paid now to the end-users support, including special training courses for various groups of users (from school children to systems programmers of campus networks).

We planned to establish Special Networking Training Center at the Yaroslavl University Computer Center within the MAB project in the City.

In the nearest few months the real-life coordination of all these programs should become vital for the achieving af the projects goals. At present time we can state that there are no objectives for any contradictions within the Academic and Research Networking Community .Especially in Russian province . We ( I mean FREEnet/Unicor NOC ) are quite open for any cooperation with other non-for-profit service providers in CIS. As an example of this we can finger the CEENet community in Europe and forecoming integrating perspectives in FREEnet/UNICOR - RUNNET interaction.

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